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Also, we think that going through multiple fancy dress ideas and preparing for the competition is a great opportunity to not only bond with your children but also help them develop self-confidence.

This is why we’ve pinpointed great fancy dress ideas, and picked out the 20 best options, that will make you the coolest mommy ever!

Our criteria for picking out the dresses include popularity amongst children, ability to create them at home, and availability for purchase online. So, without further delay, here are the best fancy dress ideas for kids.

Superhero Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas


Light up batman fancy dress costumeBatman is the coolest of all superheroes:

He doesn’t have any superpowers except for his gadgets and his intelligence.

This is why Batman appeals to children of all ages. When it comes to fancy dress ideas, there’s nothing better than Batman.

Various types of Batman costumes are available in a wide spectrum of prices.

This means that you can get a very basic costume for a few hundred bucks (good for wearing a couple of times) or get a much more elaborate costume by paying a little more.

We don’t need to tell you that the more expensive costumes are sturdier and come with more features, while the cheaper ones are a better choice if you don’t see your children using the costumes again and again.

Batman Dark Knight fancy dress costumeNot only that…

You can buy a batman fancy dress that has inbuilt lights! Costumes with lights tend to be slightly expensive but that doesn’t mean that cheaper options aren’t available online.

They are available and fairly affordable as well.

There are many variants of Batman but two are the most famous. The first is the classic Batman (grey-black suit) and the other is the modern Batman (all-black Dark Knight).

Even with so many options available in the market, you might want to build a Batman costume at home. This is why we have explained the whole process in our guide.

Here’s our guide on how to build Batman fancy dress at home.


Spiderman fancy dress costumeSpiderman is another kids’ favourite.

If you choose Spiderman then you will actually have two options to pick from – the red and blue costume and the all black costume.

There are three different types of red and blue Spiderman fancy dresses available online. Each of them has its own qualities and characteristics.

Like the cheapest Batman costume mentioned above, if you buy the cheapest Spiderman costume then you should know that your child can’t wear it more two or three times.

However,  because such costumes are very cost effective to make for manufacturers, they are available in a wide variety of sizes which are 3-5 Years, 5-6 Years, and 7-8 Years.

Cheap Spiderman fancy dress costumeAt the same time, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding high quality Spiderman fancy dresses.

This may be especially crucial to you if your child loves Spiderman and wants a Spiderman fancy dress that he can wear all the time.

However, if you’re not interested in buying a Spiderman fancy dress for your child and would prefer to save some money, you can make both red & blue and black Spiderman costumes at home.

Between these  two, the black one is actually easier.

Here’s our guide on how to build Spiderman fancy dresses at home.

Cartoon Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas

Ben 10

Ben 10 fancy dress costumeWe doubt there’s any other cartoon character more famous in the country than Ben 10.

The fact that Ben 10 is a young boy who fights monsters by becoming a monster is something that really appeals to children.

So, it’s not surprising that there are not only Ben 10 costumes available online but also other clothes with Ben 10 pictures on them.

Ben 10 is, after all, one of the most popular kids in Indian households.

This means that you can buy Ben 10 fancy dress costumes online. Still, if you don’t want to spend on the costume for your child, you can make it at home.

Here’s our guide on how to make Ben 10 fancy dress at home.

Shrek & Princess Fiona

Shrek Fancy Dress Costume for KidsBoth of these are characters that kids automatically get drawn to.

Also, Shrek and Princess Fiona have a unique appearance which makes them ideal fancy dress ideas for kids.

You can buy costumes for both Shrek and Princess Fiona on the internet. In fact, if your child is young, then you can even buy a Shrek costume for toddlers.

While Shrek’s costume is extremely simple to create at home, its not the same for Princess Fiona’s costume because of its elaborate adornments.

This is why we have a guide for making Shrek’s costume at home but not Princess Fiona’s.

Here’s our guide on how to make Shrek fancy dress at home.

Films Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas

James Bond

In the history of fancy dress ideas, this one is probably the best!

Just imagine your kid dressed in a swanky tuxedo with a cool bowtie, a slick, heartthrob hairstyle, and polished boots saying this:

‘Shaken, not stirred. That’s how I like my milk…shake.’

James Bond Fancy Dress Costume for KidsIsn’t that something worth going out of your way for?

You don’t even have to make this one because you can get multiple options in the market.

Just go out and buy your kid a tuxedo or even make the purchase from an online store.

And, the best part about this costume is that it can be used at the next wedding, party, or birthday!

Chulbul Pandey

Chulbul Pandey Fancy Dress Costume 1Are you interested in fancy dress ideas specific to the Indian setup?

One of India’s coolest movie icons is Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg.

He’s also indestructible which is what appeals to kids.

How do you dress your child as Chulbul Pandey, though? It isn’t that difficult.

You dress him up as an Indian cop (refer to our ambition section for that) and add some specific touches.

These special touches will of course be a meetha paan in the mouth and one in pocket along with goggles which will be put at the back of their collars.

Moustache can be achieved with an eyeliner pen or Kohl (kajal). Effectively, the only thing you need to do to turn your child into Chulbul Pandey is buy a police costume online.

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Fancy Dress Costume for KidsHannah Montana is a pop icon for kids, specifically girls.

This one, of the many fancy dress ideas that we’ve listed till now, is easier to get right. This is especially true if your daughter has the confidence and attitude to play the part.

You simply need to dress her up in something bright and western.

Put on some tasteful makeup on her and use some classy accessories like a chic handbag.

The only thing you’ll have to get for her to complete the look is a blonde wig. Blonde wigs can be purchased fairly easily online.

However, they may seem expensive, especially since it’s unlikely that you’ll be using it for more than one time. For this reason, you might not want to buy blonde wigs for your daughter. If this is the case then we recommend that you try to pull off a black haired Hannah Montana look too.

Ambition Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas

Doctor and Scientist

Doctor and Scientist Fancy Dress IdeasMost children don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

They shuttle through various things that seem ‘cool’ to them.

Their ambitions can be a wonderful source of fancy dress ideas.

If you want your child to realise his dreams, then why not give him the experience now to encourage him.

While we’ve listed many fancy dress ideas, we consider these two to be the easiest because they are extremely simple to make.

In fact, you can turn any attire into a doctor’s outfit with the help of a lab coat, a mask, and a toy stethoscope.

You can even innovate a little by making your child carry a toy brain (brain surgeon), a toy heart (heart surgeon), a plastic bone (orthopaedic), and anything else that catches your fancy.

The doctor costume can also be modified slightly so that it becomes a scientist costume.

You only need to replace the props with a beaker or a test tube and you’ll have a Scientist costume.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Doctor and Scientist fancy dresses at home.


High Quality Princess fancy dress costumeAre you looking for the most flexible fancy dress ideas for girls?

You won’t find anything better than the Princess!

It isn’t easy dressing your daughter up to be a princess. Making princess dresses isn’t as easy as you might think it to be.

The problem with princess fancy dress ideas is that the fancy dresses are extremely detailed.

They require numerous accessories such as crowns, tiaras, sceptres, slippers, and even bows.

If your daughter owns a dress grand enough to be a princess gown, you can choose to use it with the right accessories to make it work.

However, if you want your daughter to turn into a breath-taking princess then we suggest you buy the costume from the market. Since there are so many options available online, we’ve taken the liberty to pick out the best ones for you.

If your priority is to make your daughter as beautiful as you possibly can then we recommend the Princess fancy dress visible in the image. Its of high quality and incredibly gorgeous.

However, if you are an individual who likes to weigh and measure what’s available in the market before making a purchase then we recommend looking at the Pink Princess Costume at Amazon.

There are even multiple other options available. Some of them are quite pocket friendly too!


astronaut fancy dress costumeLook:

Space fascinates a lot of children

Most children grow up with books on space, planets, and stars. They’re taught the basics in their school as well.

It’s only natural for a child to want to be an astronaut.

Unlike many years ago, today’s children have a great chance to become astronauts in the future.

This is why you should help your child’s imagination by dressing him up as an astronaut.

While you do have to option to buy an astronaut fancy dress costume online you can also decide to build it at home.

It’s a little difficult but very much possible.

Isn’t it worth learning how to build the astronaut costume at home if you could inspire your child?

Here’s our guide on how to build an Astronaut fancy dress at home.

Fairy Tales Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas


cinderella fancy dress costumeOf all the fairy tale characters, it’s Cinderella that little girls remember the most.

Cinderella’s costume is very much a princess’s dress.

Cinderella’s dress is recognisable.

Its shiny and light blue in colour.

Its helped by glass (silver coloured) slippers and a head accessory (tiara, crown, ribbon, etc.).

If you’re looking for fancy dress ideas for your daughter, this is probably one of the better ones to consider.

Unfortunately, you can’t really build a Cinderella costume at home because it involves a lot of work.

However, there are many gorgeous Cinderella fancy dress costumes that you can buy online.


rapunzel fancy dress costumeRapunzel is a perfect doll to give your little daughter as she can play with the long hair and countless accessories that come with it.

Still, Rapunzel is also one of the better fancy dress ideas for your daughter.


Because almost everyone else will be dressing up as Cinderella or Snow White!

The costume of Rapunzel is typically a combination of purple and white.

There are multiple variations of these two colours which do give you some leeway if you want to build this costume at home.

Still, as mentioned above with regard to princess costumes, it’s better to buy than build. Besides, there are many different princess fancy dress costumes available online that you can buy for fairly affordable prices.

Personalities Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Fancy Dress Costume for KidsIf there is one historical personality that all Indians know and respect then it’s Mahatma Gandhi!

He’s the man who singlehandedly inspired our nation to free itself from the British.

This is also the most patriotic of all the fancy dress ideas that we could come up with.

By dressing your child up as Gandhi, you would not only be improving his chances of winning the fancy dress competition but also helping him learn about the Father of the Nation.

Gandhi fancy dress is very easy and only requires a couple of bright white sheets. You use one to make dhoti out of and one to wrap around your child’s torso.

After this, you give him a pair of plain slippers, a wooden stick, and round framed glasses.

We don’t think you need to buy a full Gandhi costume for your child. However, if you really want to make the look real then you can build him a bald cap. Bald caps are easy to build too.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Gandhi fancy dress with bald cap at home.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Fancy Dress Costume for KidsMichael Jackson was a music legend:

After all, there’s a reason why is still called the King of Pop.

If your child can pull off a few dance moves, this would be one of the best fancy dress ideas for him to showcase his talent on the stage.

Michael Jackson costume is unique but also easy to make.

It consists of black jacket, black pants, a white T-shirt, white socks, and black shoes.

You should also look to bling things up with a chain or two and a fedora black hat (a black hat with a rim).

You also have the option to buy a premade Michael Jackson costume online.

But, we actually think that it’s better to create a Michael Jackson costume at home.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Michael Jackson fancy dress at home.

Ancient Fashion Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas


Caveman Fancy Dress Costume for KidsCaveman fancy dress ideas are so simple and so much fun that it’s unbelievable.

A child will especially enjoy holding a club and running around chasing other ‘more civilised’ children.

Simply put:

It gives the child the licence to have fun and be wild!

You can’t buy caveman costumes online but they’re extremely easy to make at home.

More importantly, you can actually end up making use of old clothes that you’ve discarded while making this costume.

All you need to do is take some old clothes, make them look dirty and tear them apart and you have your little caveman.

We’ve created a whole step by step guide on how to do this.

Here’s our guide on how to build a caveman fancy dress at home.


Greek Fancy Dress Costume for KidsThe Greek civilisation consisted of both, great warriors and tremendous innovators.

While the Greeks mainly preferred the colour white, the style of their clothes varied from togas to tunics.

This makes Greek costume one of the better fancy dress ideas you can use for your child.

You can’t really buy a Greek costume for your child in the Indian market but you can make it at home quite conveniently.

To make a Greek costume, you’ll need a plain white bed sheet.

We have prepared a full guide on the making of the Greek costume.

We advise you to try it.

Who knows, your child might even win some points with the history teacher.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Greek fancy dress at home.

Nature Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas


pink elephant infant fancy dress costumeDon’t you think that children are naturally drawn towards animals?

It’s common for a young boy or girl to bring home a puppy from the road.

For a child who loves animals, there are countless fancy dress ideas in the animal kingdom that can be used as inspiration for fancy dresses.

Most animal costumes can be made at home but quite a few are available online too.

These are tiger, zebra, parrot, and cock costumes amongst many more.

Some available cartoon costumes can double up as animal fancy dresses as well such as Tom & Jerry (cat and mouse), Tweety (canary bird), Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.

You can even find some costumes for infants like the one in the picture.

If you want to know how to make animals costumes at home, wait for the guides which we’ll be releasing soon.

Fruits & Vegetables

mango fancy dress costumeKids are picky about the foods they eat and they will make sure that you know it!

They don’t care what’s available or what’s nutritious.

They just want what they want.

Dressing them up as a vegetable or fruit will be an opportunity for you to teach them about nutrition.

There are many great fancy dress ideas which can be drawn from vegetables and fruits.

Give them a few lines to recite on the stage about the benefits of eating that fruit or vegetable and surely, they’ll remember it.

There are a wide variety of vegetable and fruit costumes available online that you can buy for your child as well.

For example, you can find fancy dress costumes for items like watermelon, strawberry, mango, and orange amongst others.

At the same time, it’s very much possible to make these costumes at home if you’re looking to save some money. Similar to animal costumes, soon you will be able to find guides on how to make specific vegetable and fruit costumes in our blog section.

India Inspired Fancy Dress Ideas


lord krishna fancy dress costumeChildren are considered to avatars of gods in India:

In fact, we worship the child form of one of our gods, Lord Krishna.

Won’t it be wonderful if your child could be Lord Krishna for one day?

It would certainly be!

This is why we recommend that you pick this from all the other fancy dress ideas that we’ve provided.

There’s a Lord Krishna fancy dress costume that you can buy online too.

Additionally, if you don’t want to buy a Lord Krishna costume, we’ve also created a special guide on how to make the costume at home.

In the guide, you’ll find a step by step procedure for making a Lord Krishna fancy dress for your kid.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Lord Krishna fancy dress at home.

Jhansi Ki Rani

jhansi ki rani fancy dress costumeOne of the best fancy dress ideas for little girls is Rani Laxmibai or Jhansi Ki Rani. This costume is both traditional and educational for your child.

For instance, you can use this costume to teach your girl about the virtues of being an independent woman by citing the story of Jhansi Ki Rani.

You have both, the option to buy this costume online as well as make it at home.

We have come across an option online and recommend that you go for that.

If you would rather spend some quality time with your child building the Jhansi Ki Rani fancy dress costume, then we have a special guide just for you.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Jhansi Ki Rani fancy dress at home.

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