Disco Dancer
Disco Dancer

Most kids are up for a little bit of fun. Many are born entertainers too.

Take for example the little girl who always strikes an adorable little pose every time the camera is pointed her way.

Or, the innocent little boy who will not cease his antics till you laugh out loud with sheer pleasure.

These little showmen and show-women deserve more than just verbal encouragement and a pat on the head.

They need a whole audience and the equipment to truly bring their talent to the fore.

They need their parents to come up with funny fancy dress costume ideas so that they can wow their audience.

Do you have a kid who likes to put on a show regardless of whether it’s just for his mommy and daddy or the whole neighbourhood?

Have you been looking for funny fancy dress costume ideas for him or her?

Well, till now you’ve been looking at all the wrong places because your first visit should have been to the home of great fancy dress ideas for kids.

Here are our 5 funny fancy dress costume ideas for kids that will have people rolling on the floor laughing.

Funny Fancy Dress Costume Ideas #1: Disco Dancer

If you’re a parent right now, then you must’ve been a 1980s child. While you could’ve been younger, the point remains that you must’ve seen the 80s. 80s in India, like the rest of the world, really focused on disco.

However, we had a unique brand of disco that was championed by Mithun Da. There’s scope there for a funny disco dancer fancy dress costume. Mithun Chakraborty version of disco dancing is old and funny but is still not old enough to be forgotten.

Indian will almost always recognise fancy dress costume ideas based on him. It’s not difficult to prepare this fancy dress either.

The Process:

  • Get a white body suit or pick out plain white pants and a white jacket. Try to go for high collar and zipper in the front.
  • If you can get a boot, then it would be perfect for this costume.
  • Decorate the shoulders of the jacket and the sides of the pants with flame designs. Grab a sketch pen and start drawing. It’s fairly simple.
  • Put some glitter on the designs you draw. Find something cylindrical, stick a ball on top, and wrap all of it in black chart paper. Disco dancer never goes anywhere without a mike.
  • Finally, make a headgear like a Greek laurel. Use this Greek laurel picture by printing it in black and white.


Fancy dress costume ideas like this one are never complete, unless the kid acts a little. Luckily, this one is a simple one. You need your kid to pull the moves that Mithun Da pulled in his insanely hilarious song.

Your kid will also need to sing the song. Again, the lyrics of the song are perfect.

‘I… am… a… disco… dancer…’

Funny Fancy Dress Costume Ideas #2: Skinny Wrestler

Skinny Wrestler
Skinny Wrestler

Nothing is more amusing than a little tyke trying to act like he can lift the world on his shoulders.

The irony in turning a two feet tall, coin thin, cutesy into a wrestler is what makes such fancy dress costume ideas so funny.

Fathers in India have a tendency to call their kids ‘sikiya pehelwan’. So, why not make this visual?

The best part about wrestler type fancy dress costume ideas is that they are incredibly easy to create.

In fact, I believe this may be the easiest of all the fancy dress costume ideas on the Fancy Dress Ideas website!

The Process:

  • Get same coloured shorts and vest (banyan) along with a headband and wristbands, if possible.
  • Use daddy’s big brown belt, leave the end hanging out of the loops. Basic sport shoes or black Bata shoes will work just fine.
  • Take something cylindrical like the roll on which you get your kitchen foils. Even toilet paper rolls joined together can work. Paint them black.
  • Blow up a couple of balloons. Paint them black. Paste them to the end of the roll you’ve gotten and you have extremely light dumbbells that your toddler can easily lift.
  • Take an old handbag of yours. Paint it black or stick black chart paper on it. This becomes another type of dumbbell. One for each hand.


Writing ‘20 kg’ or even ‘15 tons’ on the dumbbells will make it even clearer for viewers. Also, teach your kid to do the action struggling to lift the dumbbells before suddenly twirling them around with a grin on his face.

This is all about showmanship. You can also have him say things like:

‘Dara Singh ka guru (baap, if you want)

‘Tyson ka coach’

Funny Fancy Dress Costume Ideas #3: Old Lady

Old Lady
Old Lady

Kids and oldies are opposites right? Of course they are, even though grandma often behaves like a baby.

While oldies being kids may not be funny, a kid behaving like oldies is funny.

Depending on how well you execute this costume, your child can actually have people rolling on the floor laughing.

The trick is the look combined with the movement of the kid.

The Process:

  • Get an old looking skirt, a blouse, and a dull cardigan for a girl. If you’re going for the old man, then you need a brown or grey pair of pants and shirt complemented by slip-on footwear.
  • You will also need a lot of talcum powder which you can use to colour your kid’s hair white. Don’t worry, if you choose Johnson’s and Johnson’s, the powder won’t be harmful in such large quantities.
  • Try to get accessories like spectacles and walking stick. You can make the walking stick with a normal wooden stick. Just make sure that it is wrapped up in brown cloth or chart paper.
  • Finally, you need to a stroller. If you don’t already have an old person in your house, then you may not be able to get one. In this case, you can make one with cardboard. Just make a rectangular frame of thinly cut cardboard with one short side missing.
  • The long sides should be as long as your kid’s legs. At the bottom on these long sides, simply stick half a ball. The best thing to use here is a Cosco ball since you can cut it in the middle.
  • Alternatively, you can try using one whole ball for each side. Wrap the sticks up with brown, black, or white chart paper. Where your kid will hold the walker, colour the chart paper with a different colour.


First, teach your child how to walk carefully with the walker. Make him practice because kids have a tendency to run at the drop of a hat. As long has your kid does the old person walk for a few seconds, he can run off as that only makes funny fancy dress costume ideas like this one funnier.

You can try to draw wrinkles on your kid’s face with kohl (kajal), if you want as well. What you should always do is give your kid the right dialogues. I recommend using something like:

‘hamare zamaane mein ladke seedhe, ladkiyan sateek, aur bacche sudhare hote the’

Funny Fancy Dress Costume Ideas #4: Lalu Prasad Yadav

funny fancy dress costume ideas
Lalu Prasad Yadav and his Hairs

Every Indian must know who Lalu Prasad Yadav is. Its as rite of passage to becoming an Indian.

Lalu Prasad Yadav is easily the funniest politician India has even seen.

His way of talking, his way of walking, and his mannerisms have people in fits even though he is not trying to be funny.

His naturally hilarious persona is what makes him ideal to be the basis of fancy dress costume ideas.

Besides, like many other funny fancy dress ideas in this list, this one’s easy to create too.

The Process:

  • Simply get a set of white kurta pyjama for your kid.
  • Load up his hair with gel and make it come forward onto his forehead.
  • Once the gel has set, pepper lots of talcum powder on his hair to make his hair white.
  • The trickiest part of this costume is to create the hairs on the ear. Our solution is simple. Pick up, break off, or cut off some random hair from someone who can spare it (usually it’s you mommies) and stick this hair outwards behind your child’s ear.
  • If you don’t want to use this method of getting hair, ask someone who has a pet dog or cat. They’ll give you as much as you want. Make sure that you use glue and not Fevicol as it’ll be very tough to take off.


The best part about the Lalu Prasad Yadav fancy dress is that it is instantly recognisable. However, make sure that your kid know who he is and has seen some of his videos. The real clincher for fancy dress costume ideas like this one is the fancy dress dialogues. Here are our suggestions.

‘humne humre bitwe se puccha: Ye kaisi machis laya hai be, sasura koi na jale! Humra bitwa bola: Bapu ek ek ko chaeck kar ke laya hun hum, kaise nahi jale?’

‘ik baar rabri ek gaye ghar le kar aayi. Humne puccha: bhains kaahe le aayi re? Oo boli: bhains nahi gaye hai. Hum bole: gaye se puchat hain tumse naahi’

Funny Fancy Dress Costume Ideas #5: Watermelon Warrior

Watermelon Warrior
Watermelon Warrior

All the funny fancy dress costume ideas we’ve listed till now are based on conventional things you can copy.

There are some unconventional funny fancy dress ideas for kids as well.

Take the example of the watermelon warrior. You may have seen or heard about watermelon fancy dress costumes available in the market but that’s not what we’re referring to.

We are referring to a warrior costume made from real watermelons!

Just look at the photo and read the process.

The Process:

  • Get black or green briefs, boxers, tights, or shorts for your kid.
  • Try to find a huge (as big as possible) watermelon.
  • Cut the watermelon in half.
  • Remove all the pulp from inside and wash it thoroughly.
  • Now take one half and carve an ‘M’ from the front. The tops corners of the ‘M’ become the eyeholes through which your kid sees and the middle ‘V’ becomes the nose guard. You have a ready watermelon helmet that you just need to put on your kid’s head.
  • Take the other half and make holes at its bottom so that your kid’s legs can go through them. There should be a belt or girdle that will go around your kid’s waist. The holes should be cut in a way that the leftover melon shell covers your child’s private parts.
  • You don’t have to worry about anything peeping out from the side because your kid will be wearing briefs or even shorts if you prefer.
  • Now, put the bottom watermelon in place so that it covers the whole crotch. You can make sure that it stays there by tying it to the shorts with a thread on four sides.
  • Finally, cut out a circular, triangular, square, or any other shape out of the watermelon cuts you made earlier. Make a hole in the middle of this shape.
  • Take a wooden stick and push it through this hole. Your kid now has a watermelon helmet, a watermelon crotch guard, and a watermelon sword!


This, of all our funny fancy dress costume ideas, is self-sufficient but it can be made funnier. Just ask your kid to be a great warrior. Trust us, every kid knows.

Also, it will become really good if you can make your kid wear sandals and yell: