kids fancy dress themesThere’re a lot of people who’ve contacted us and told us that we’ve focused too much on fancy dresses and not enough on fancy dress themes for kids. These are usually parents who have two or more children. They want fancy dresses from the same theme for their children so that they can learn and have fun by roleplaying. After all when one kid is Nelson Mandela and the other Mahatma Gandhi, you’d want to listen to their conversation.

After a few requests, we felt compelled to provide a resource for fancy dress themes to our readers. This resource will not only be useful for parents who have two or more kids but also for parents wanting to host fancy dress parties with. Here is a fancy dress themes list containing more than nine options.

#1 Superhero Fancy Dress Themes

superhero fancy dress themesYou know Avengers, right? Of course, you know Avengers. Anyone who doesn’t know who the Avengers are after the release of the blockbuster film has been living under a rock for a good amount of time. Avengers – the team of superheroes is loved by children all over the world. In fact, superheroes are loved by kids everywhere.

So, one of the first fancy dress themes you should consider is superheroes. You can choose between DC, Marvel, and India, or even pick from the various superhero teams that have existed in the comic world. Just imagine a Krrish and a Spiderman walking hand in hand.

We have many individual superhero fancy dress ideas for your kid too.

#2 Cartoon Fancy Dress Themes

It’s unlikely that there’s any kid in the world who doesn’t like cartoons. Moreover, the cartoon world is also very vast which means that there are hundreds of options for fancy dresses under this category. This makes the cartoon fancy dress theme as safe an option as superhero theme.

Whether you’re looking for original fancy dress themes for your own kids or for hosting a themed party, cartoons should be a good bet that most parents will agree with and approve of. The trick is to let the kids pick which cartoons they want to be. What options can you give them? Click here to find out!

#3 Harry Potter Fancy Dress Themes

harry potter fancy dress themesThe Harry Potter books were translated into 73 different languages. If that doesn’t show you the popularity of the Harry Potter characters, then nothing will. The vast majority of Harry Potter fans are children which is why the there are no better fancy dress themes than this one.

If it’s just a matter of two or three kids, then you can assign the major characters of Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, and Hermione Granger to your kids. However, if you’re hosting a party with this theme, then prepare to be swamped by multiple Harry Potters.

#4 Film Fancy Dress Themes

films fancy dress themesYour choices will be vast if you pick film based fancy dress themes. The fact that these fancy dresses are for kids will reduce the options that you have but there will still be many to choose from because there’re are many children’s films out there.

For example, you can choose to go with Wall-E, Alex the Lion, or even Nemo. There are countless more to choose from. These costumes aren’t that difficult to create or that expensive which means that parents of other kids will appreciate you for picking such an easy option from so many different fancy dress theme ideas.

#5 Professions Fancy Dress Themes

professions fancy dress themesWhile cartoon, superhero, and film fancy dress themes are all about fun, fancy dress themes based on professions can be very educational and inspiring. In fact, we’ve provided a number of fancy dress ideas that can be used in the professions fancy dress theme on this page here.

We also refer to this theme as the ambition theme because it allows kids to visualise their career choices and ambitions. Here, we like themes that can be both fun and educational and there are none better than professions or ambition at that.

#6 Personality Fancy Dress Themes

Personality fancy dress themesFancy dress themes where you tell everyone to come as a world personality can also be educational. While not as focused on personal development, if parents want, they can use this fancy dress theme to teach their children something. It all depends on the type of personalities that the parents choose for their kids.

For example, they can choose to go with personalities like the earlier mentioned Gandhi and Mandela or they can go for the fun alternative pop stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. We have a few listed for you here.

#7 Fairy Tales Fancy Dress Themes

fairy tale fancy dress themesFairy tales are more suited to girls than superheroes or cartoons because they get to be what they always wanted to be – Princesses. Besides, most daddies and mommies treat their little girls as princesses so there’s justice in picking fairy tales from the many fancy dress themes that are available out there for your party.

Moreover, even though this is one of those girl centric themes, there are a few options for boys too such as Hansel, Prince Charming, and even Shrek! Here are some of our fairy tales fancy dress ideas.

#8 Nature Fancy Dress Themes

Nature fancy dress themesThis is, by far, the most famous fancy dress theme in India. Which fancy dress themes are famous in which countries depends on their culture and in India, it seems that people like fancy dress ideas that revolve around fruits and vegetables.

Not only are people more willing to make nature fancy dress costumes but there are also a wide variety of nature fancy dress costumes available online. Be careful, if you hold a nature fancy dress party, then you may find yourself buried in little apples and oranges.

#9 Ancient Fancy Dress Themes

Another example of educational fancy dress themes is the ancient fancy dresses. You may have to explain this theme a little more to parents. This theme will focus on costumes from old human civilisations such as ancient Greece, ancient India, ancient Egypt, ancient China, and even ancient Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. These ancient fancy dresses aren’t very difficult to create at home. We’ve focused on some of the easier ones here.

Bonus: Indian Fancy Dress Themes

indian fancy dress themesWhy focus on western or global concepts so much when we have so many Indian fancy dress themes to play with? There’s no reason for it except preference. So, if you’d much rather use this opportunity to teach your children about the Indian culture, then pick an Indian theme like states, language, gods, food, and even professions.

Each of the themes mentioned above can be indianised too. So, let your imagination run wild and pick a useful Indian fancy dress theme. If you want Indian fancy dress ideas, then we have you covered there too.

Honourable Mentions

There’s no shortage of fancy dress themes that you can use for your children’s fancy dress parties. Basically, you can take any concept, idea, or experience and turn it into a fancy dress theme. Here are some more suggestions from us.

  • Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter, Alice, Queen of Hearts, White Queen, Alice
  • Ethnic Dresses from various countries: Germans, French, Americans, English, Indians, Pakistanis, Asians
  • Horror Fancy Dresses: Witches, monsters, vampires, and zombies
  • Beach Fancy Dresses: Trunks, swimsuits, beach balls, slippers, hats, and sunglasses (especially useful in peak Indian summer)
  • Black and White Fancy Dresses: Michael Jackson, Ying-Yang, old fashion TV set, football, mime, chess
  • Celebrity Fancy Dresses: Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston
  • Christmas Fancy Dresses: Santa Claus, elves, reindeers, Christmas tree, angel, devil, Grinch
  • Circus Fancy Dresses: Any number of animals, clowns, ringmaster, dancer, daredevil, strong man, tall man, short man
  • Nursery Rhyme Fancy Dresses: Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Little Tea Pot, Ladybird, Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider,
  • Sports Fancy Dresses: Cricketer, Footballer, Hockey player, Badminton champ, wrestler

It’s highly unlikely that one of these fancy dress themes wouldn’t suit you. So, we’ll stop with our lists. Let us know how your kids’ fancy dress party went. Give us a shout out or even send us your pics and we’ll feature them!

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