Today’s kids may watch a lot of films but fairy tales are something that will never become irrelevant to that age group. In the modern setup, boys have a tendency to gravitate towards superheroes but the girls still like their fairy tales. This is why, when it comes to fairy tales characters for fancy dress is a wonderful idea. In this category, there are more usable options for girls than boys.

As most female fairy tale characters tend to be princesses, you’ll find the majority of our entries to be female fairy tales characters for fancy dress. Because of the complexity of princess level gowns, our suggestion is to forget about making these dresses at home.

There are many different types of princess fancy dresses available both online and offline at competitive prices. Some even come with handpicked accessories to complete the attire. To show you what we mean, here are our top suggestions for fairy tales characters for fancy dress.


cinderella fancy dress costumeOf all the possible fairy tales characters for fancy dress, the best option is Cinderella.

Cinderella appeals to little girls like no other fairy tale characters. Cinderella wears a shiny blue gown, a crown or a tiara, and a pair of glass slippers.

You can buy Cinderella fancy dress costume kits containing all of these items. If you try to make these types of costumes at home, though, you’ll come face to face with a recurring problem.

This recurring problem with fairy tales fancy dresses is that the quality of the gown you make at home may not be at par with what princesses are expected to wear. However, all this is pointless if you’re a super seamstress or your husband is a celebrity tailor.

This is why we recommend buying most of the fancy dress ideas in this list.

Snow White

Snow White fancy dress costumeSnow White is considered by many little girls to be the most beautiful princess in the fairy tales, which makes her one of the best fairy tales characters for fancy dress.

The Snow White costume is also inherently colourful, which means that your little baby will look gorgeous in it.

Typically, Snow White’s costume consists of a bright yellow skirt, a purple or blue top with puffed up short sleeves and a bow tie in the hair.

This is another costume that will be difficult to make at home because of its intricate nature. Like Cinderella’s costume, the Snow White fancy dress costume can also be purchased online.


rapunzel fancy dress costumeRapunzel wasn’t this famous before the film Tangled was released. However, in the film, Rapunzel’s character took on a new life as she became a capable but innocent girl out in the real world.

It’s likely that your daughter especially picked up on those traits from the movie because she saw the same in her mother. It is these qualities that make this one of the best fairy tales characters for fancy dress. Rapunzel’s costume combines the colours purple and white with awesomely long hair.

If you want to convince your daughter to grow her hair, there’s nothing more compelling than the argument that she can be Rapunzel if she does.

This costume, again, is very difficult to make at home but it can be bought online.

Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy Tales characters for Fancy DressMost fairy tale characters are adults. Out of the few children fairy tale characters like Pinocchio, Hansel, and Gretel, the most famous probably is the Little Red Riding Hood.

This is why the Little Red Riding Hood is one of the better fairy tales characters for fancy dress.

She’s a simple character with a simple costume. In fact, her costume may be simple enough to be made at home, unlike our other fancy dress ideas from fairy tales.

Little Red Riding Hood wears a red and white frock topped off with a red cloak.

Here’s our guide on how to make Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress costume at home.


Alice in wonderland fancy dress costumeAlice in Wonderland is an eternal fairy tale which appeals to all young girls. Alice also has a memorable costume.

This is why she is one of the few suited fairy tales characters for fancy dress competitions.

You can purchase Alice costume online but because it’s a simple costume, it’s advisable for you build it at home.

In order to make Alice costume, you’ll need a plain blue frock and a white apron combined with the right accessories.

We’ve described the whole process of how to make Alice in Wonderland costume at home in our guide.

Here’s our guide on how to make Alice in Wonderland fancy dress at home.

Fairy Tales Characters for Fancy Dress Better Suited for Girls

When it comes to fairy tales characters for fancy dress, its the little girls that win out over the little boys. What we mean to say is that there are more options for girls in this category than for boys. So, if you have one or more daughters, then fairy tales characters for fancy dress are what you should be looking at more than any other fancy dress theme.

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  1. Very cute dress. Great material for the price, but the dress is a lot more of a darker yellow than shown in the picture. The real color is closer to the color of Belle’s actual dress. It came a bit wrinkled but we were able to iron it with no problem.

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