Each of us has had to watch more than one childish film because our kids just wouldn’t stop pestering us.

At the same time, we’ve watched some really memorable films with our friends that, for one reason or another, reminded us of our kids and their antics.

There is a lot of inspiration to be had when it comes to fancy dress ideas from films for children.

Here’s a list of fancy dress ideas from films that our brain cells cooked up for our children.

James Bond

Fancy Dress Ideas from FilmsWhen it comes to fancy dress ideas from films, nothing is easier than to turn your kid into James Bond.

This will now only allow him to act cool in the competition (give him some nice dialogues) but also teach him manner because if James Bond was anything, he was a gentleman.

Besides, the best aspect of making a mini James Bond is that, your little prince can wear his costume to weddings, birthdays, or any other type of party you can think of.

You can even tell him to be Bond at the event and he’ll be on his best behaviour.

Wonderful added benefit, isn’t it?

We certainly think so!

Mr Bean

mr bean fancy dress costume for kidsSome fancy dress ideas from films are very easy to get and Mr Bean is like James Bond in that regard.

You can get a fancy dress together for your child to be Mr Bean quite easily.

You’ll only need a brown coat, a red tie, black pants, white shirt, and black shoes.

Just put them together on your child and you have a mini Mr Bean.

Keeping your child from speaking may be a challenge, though, especially since he’ll be excited with his dress.

Wolverine & Storm

wolverine fancy dress costume for kidsX – Men films are some of the most popular these days.

This is why we wanted to draw out some fancy dress ideas from films like X – Men, X2, and Wolverine Origins because the most popular X – Men character is Wolverine.

There are different costumes that Wolverine has worn through the years.

The oldest was a yellow and blue affair that is available in the market off and on.

The newer and more current one is all black.

The new costume isn’t available in Indian markets but it doesn’t have to be because it’s a fairly simple to create at home.

You simply need jeans with boots and buckle belt.

On top, a vest is all you’ll need along with claws, which can be purchased online.

Use gel to fix up his hair and Kohl (Kajal) to draw a beard and you’re all set.

For girls, you can choose Storm’s outfit.

We’ve given detailed information on how to make both Wolverine and Storm’s X – Men outfits in our guide.

Here’s our guide on how to build X – Men fancy dresses at home.


pirate fancy dress costume for kidsPirates first became famous in India when the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy was released.

Every kid may not be that crazy about fancy dress ideas from films based on pirates but those that are, truly are.

If you were to look online, you wouldn’t find the complete pirate ensemble online.What you would find, however, are accessories.

This means you can buy pirate hats, pirate swords, and famed eye patches but you’ll have to make the dress at home.

Don’t fuss because it is doable.

We have a whole process laid out in our guide for you!

Here’s our guide on how to build Pirates fancy dresses at home.

Chulbul Pandey

Police fancy dress costumeIt’s a surprise that we don’t see more fancy dress ideas from films from Bollywood.

Take Chulbul Pandey for example.

This is one of the best fancy dress ideas from films in India.

Yet, it is almost absent from fancy dress competitions.

Chulbul Pandey is our own gun toting and paan chewing monster of a hero that is incredibly famous in India.

This is the Indian entry to our list of top 8 fancy dress ideas from films.

After all, why should we not give our list an Indian colour?

This one of the many available fancy dress ideas from films is as easy as the James Bond one we mentioned above.

To turn your son into Chulbul Pandey, you’ll only need to buy a police fancy dress costume, a meetha paan for extra effect, and goggles which will placed the back of the shirt’s collar.

This means that the only investment in this fancy dress will be a policeman’s costume.


alien fancy dress costume for kidsIn Hollywood, there’ve been many different aliens but in our most common myths aliens have weirdly shaped heads in a wide variety of colours.

Fancy dress ideas from films with aliens can be a little difficult to implement because of the complexity of those costumes.

However, simplistic alien fancy dress ideas from films aren’t that difficult.

You can find these quite easily on online stores in India in the form of masks and even vertical goggles.

You can combine either of these with a skin-tight, all white or silver costume and a toy ray gun to create a cute little alien at home.


Zombie fancy dress costume for kidsZombies are the trend these days when it comes to fancy dress ideas from films.

Dressing your kid up as a zombie will serve two purposes.

He will have fun scaring other kids at the competition and he will become free of his own fear of scary things.

Zombie costumes are not available on Indian online stores but they can be built at home and topped off with a special mask also available online.

Here’s our guide on how to build zombie fancy dresses at home.

Hannah Montana

hannah montana fancy dress costume for kidsEven though you can modify any of our fancy dress ideas from films for girls, we have one option purely for your little darling.

You will see Hannah Montana on a wide variety of items in India ranging from schoolbags to pencil boxes.

This is what makes her a good option for your daughter.

The Hannah Montana look is that of a glamorous pop icon making it one of the simpler fancy dress ideas from films to create at home.

You basically need to turn your little girl into a star.

This means making her dress in superstar like clothes, with considerable amount of makeup and possibly a blonde wig

The wig is the only thing you’ll have to buy because it’s likely that you own everything else for this fancy dress.

On the other hand, you can forego the wig entirely and leave your daughter’s hair flowing and natural.

Selection Process Behind our Choice of Fancy Dress Ideas from Films

So, these were our fancy dress ideas from films.

We chose these specific ideas so as to provide you with the most diverse range of options to choose from.

Some of the things we considered are popularity of the character in question, relevance to the Indian audience, equal options for girls and boys etc.

We hope you liked them.

Give us a shout if you want some more fancy dress ideas from films included!

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