Bade Chote Fancy DressAnimated characters have always been popular with kids in India but these days the characters don’t have to be ‘imported’ from Hollywood.

Bade and Chote are two such characters that have grabbed the attention of the nation’s young’uns.

Obviously, this means that there are thousands of kids who want the Bade Chote fancy dress for costume parties and fancy dress events.

Bade and Chote are animated characters that appear in the Bakwaas Bandh Kar segments of the popular music channel 9XM. The two characters look nothing like humans and are known for their ridiculous antics. Obviously, who could portray them better than your very own mischievous double team!

The only problem is that the costumes are not readily available online. This means that in order to dress up your kids in the Bade Chote fancy dress, you will need to improvise. Fortunately, this is a simple process and we will give you the step by step process!

What You Will Need To Make Bade Chote Fancy Dress At Home

For the Bade Costume, you will need:

  • An oversized skin-coloured full sleeved t-shirt
  • A skin-coloured coloured monkey cap
  • skin-coloured gloves
  • Brown marker or fabric paint
  • White card paper
  • Adhesive
  • Brown face paint

For the Chote costume, you will need:

  • An oversized green full-sleeved t-shirt
  • A green monkey cap
  • Green gloves
  • Green marker or paint
  • White card paper
  • Adhesive
  • Green face paint
  • A Blue baseball cap

Step 1: The Body

Bade-Chote fancy dressIn order to get the appearance of the Bade Chote fancy dress costume right, it is important that the t-shirts are longer than the body of your children.

Bade is darker in colour near his feet so you could get a t-shirt that is darker at the hem and fades to the lighter colour towards the chest.

If you don’t have such a t-shirt, you could get it dyed or use a brown marker or paint to get the desired colour shading. In order to get the markings on their bodies, simply use the brown and green markers to create splotches.

If you don’t have markers, brown and green fabric paints smeared on the tees with a thick brush will give you the same effect. Just remember to leave Bade’s stomach area relatively unmarked.

Step 2: The Hands

The Bade Chote fancy dress cannot be completed without creating the proper hands for the two characters. Bade and Chote have three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

In order to achieve this effect, simply take regular gloves and cut away or sew in the little finger in each of them. When your kids put them on, one of the glove fingers will have to accommodate two kiddy- fingers.

Step 3: The Head

The head masks for the Bade Chote fancy dress costume can be made with monkey caps. Bade has three large cartoon googly-eyes and Chote has two. Use the card paper to create these eyes and stick them on the monkey caps.

The children’s faces can be painted with face paint to make them the same colour as their masks and t-shirts. Put on the t-shirts, the face paint, the masks and the gloves, and your children will be delighted to find themselves transformed into their favourite characters.

Don’t forget to give your little Chote his blue baseball cap with the visor facing the back!

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