Let’s be clear of one thing about fancy dress costumes.

Our kids will always want to be superheroes or princesses and it’s our responsibility to make sure that they get their wish.

It’s not all just make believe, you know. A well-chosen costume has the potential to inspire our kids. This inspiration is for everything from career to moral values.

By buying the right costume for our kids, we can make a world of difference to their happiness. Don’t we all want our kids to squeal with joy? We want to help you make that happen.

For that reason, here’s our guide on how you can buy the right fancy dress for your kid.

Picking the Right Fancy Dress

Before anything else, we need to pick the right fancy dress for our kid. We, like you, know that you won’t find everything you want. The Indian costume market isn’t as mature as western markets.

Still, it isn’t quite as stunted as we think either. There are options. The best way to take advantage of that is to create a shortlist of fancy dresses. Answering some questions will help you shortlist potential costume ideas.

These may seem basic and stupid but the idea here is for us to give you a checklist to go through while selecting a clutch of costume ideas for your kids. So, without further ado, here are those questions.

Recommendation: We don’t need to say it but you should use the following questions while going through all our Fancy Dress Themes.

Is It For A Girl Or A Boy?

Superman Fancy Dress
Girl or Boy Superhero? Doesn’t Matter

This one’s self-explanatory. All fancy dress ideas may not be suitable for girls and boys.

In fact, costume ideas for girls are much fewer than costume ideas for boys.

It’s also important to note that while you can use a few boys’ fancy dresses for girls as well, none of the girls’ costume ideas will suit boys.

So, while shortlisting fancy dress ideas for girls make sure that you consider the ones that people usually only use for boys.

On the other hand, while choosing a costume for your boy, you can give the girly fancy dresses a wide birth.

Recommendation: If your daughter likes superheroes as most of them do today, buy her a superhero costume. Girls shouldn’t be stopped from wanting to be like the boys. We need more of that in our country!

What Is The Fancy Dress Theme?

Are you trying to find a fancy dress for a specific party? If you are, then you need to keep the chosen theme in mind. There’s nothing worse than making your kid standout negatively. This can have a negative impact on his emotions.

You don’t want a superhero in the middle of kids dressed in nature costumes. On the other hand, if it’s not for a party, then you don’t need to bother with fancy dress themes and can just skip this point.

What Are Your Child’s Likes and Dislikes?

She Wants It Today!
She Wants It Today!

If there’s no fancy dress theme to consider, then all you need to consider is what your kid likes and dislikes.

This should be easy for you as a mother or father. It would be impossible for you to not know what your kid likes and dislikes anyways.

If there’s one thing the young rascals are good at, then it’s expressing pleasure and dissatisfaction.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working or in the kitchen, they will make sure you know what they want you to know!

Recommendation: Never think you know better than your child when it comes to his costume. Buy something cheap if you want but buy him what he likes. His happiness is paramount!

What Is The Weather Like?

Most of us don’t bother with this while considering a fancy dress for our kids. But, we should. We can’t have a little Mahatma Gandhi running around in peak winter. Neither should we consider sealed up spandex suits in peak summer. So, the weather matters. Give it a good consideration.

At the same time, you should keep in mind whether your kid will spend his time in air conditioning. In such a case, summer seasons cease to matter. Usually, school costume competitions are held in full AC, so keep that in mind too.

Recommendation: Always keep a change of clothes ready if your kid is going to be in his fancy dress. Trust us; you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way.

Should You Consider Fancy Dress Combos?


Some of us consider ourselves lucky that we have just one dumbbell hanging from our arms.

Others are blessed with two to balance the weight on the other side.

If you have two fruits hanging from the tree (imagine shoulder or bicep lifts with kids on both sides), then you may want to look at costume combos.

Batman and Robin, anyone?

I pity the kid who gets to be Robin though.

Icky green underpants or overpants…ugh…shudders…

Recommendation: Costume combos work best with siblings but you can try to contact the mother of your kid’s best friend too. The little buddies will love the roleplaying together.

Buying the Chosen Fancy Dress

Now that you’ve shortlisted a few of the costume ideas, it’s time to get down to buying. You’ll find a few costume options on websites like Amazon but you can’t just buy willy-nilly.

You need a strategy. You need to consider a few things. Here are a few more questions that will come into play when you’re ready to make the purchase.

How Old Is Your Kid?

Age matters when it comes to buying fancy dresses. Most costume providers, in India and abroad, classify their offerings by age. Some of these classifications include toddler, 3-4 years, 5-6 years, +7 years, and other variations of the same.

You can always buy a costume that is a little too large for your kid though. This will mean that your kid can wear it for the near future. However, only do this if you know that your kid loves that character.

Kids bore quickly, unless they’re obsessed with something. Spiderman is an example. You don’t want to spend extra for a larger dress only for it to be mothballed for your kid’s kids.

Recommendation: Some fancy dresses in the market are stretchable. These will fit most kids as long as the deviation in size isn’t too much. Still, try to buy one size greater whenever possible.

Is He Normal Size For His Age?

Mommy... Food... Good... mmm
Mommy… Food… Good… mmm

Next thing you should consider is your child’s age.

The wishes of some mothers out there actually come true and they have adorably rotund kids.

For these kids, you’ll have to make exceptions while buying the costume.

The normal age bracket wouldn’t apply in such a scenario.

You’ll need to look bigger. How big? We’ll let you decide that, you fed him all those chocolates after all.

Recommendation: Age matters but all kids aren’t the same size. Some are taller, some shorter, some thinner, and some plumper. Consider carefully if your kid’s physique is typical of his age.

What Is Available?

Fancy Dress Special Delivery
Fancy Dress Special Delivery

Understand this:

Everything you’ve shortlisted will not be available in the Indian market. This isn’t the UK or the US. What you can buy will get limited by what is available.

First and foremost, it will get limited by what providers provide which fancy dresses. Then, it will get limited by what is available in stock.

This is why we asked you to make a shortlist of a few costumes. If one doesn’t work out, another will. If none of them work out, then your only option will be to make one at home.

Fortunately, we have a few DIY guides for you to use, if none of the fancy dresses you’ve picked is available in the Indian market.

Recommendation: Sometimes, sellers can source the costume, if you put in a special request. However, they will take a few days. So, start looking for the costume in advance. Don’t wait for the last day.

Will He Be Wearing Anything Underneath?

Another element that may force you to buy larger sizes of fancy dresses will be what your kid will be wearing underneath the costume.

Will your kid be naked under that dress or will you want him to wear something else underneath?

Consider this question carefully, before making a purchase.

  • If the costume you’ve chosen isn’t comfortable, then you need your kid to wear something underneath,
  • If you are buying a princess fancy dress, then you won’t need the extra space,
  • If you’re buying rubber or spandex superhero costumes, you may need to get a larger size, etc. etc. You get the idea.

Recommendation: It’s always better to make your child wear something underneath his fancy dress. It’s a special safety net for when your child does some acrobatics and tears the dress at the worst place possible.

What Is The Quality Of The Available Fancy Dress?

This is a critical consideration. It will define many other aspects as well.

The quality matters in two ways. First is the quality of the fabric used. If it’s bad, then make sure your kid wears something inside. If you don’t, then get ready for a lot of scratching at the dinner table or on the stage. What’s worse is that such costumes may result in rashes too.

The other way that quality matters is stitching. If the stitching is poor, then get ready to fortify the dress you buy. If you can’t, then make sure your kid wears something inside. Even if the dress tears, your kid won’t have to worry about hiding his behind.

Keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for. A fancy dress that is priced in hundreds will almost always be low quality. Such a costume should always be worn over something else. Your kid should never be naked underneath it.

On the other hand, if you think that the dress you’re buying is a little expensive, then you can most probably be sure of its quality.

Recommendation: Money is important of course but you don’t want your kid to get a rash. Moreover, fancy dress competitions reward the best looking dress. Try and find a compromise between quality and price wherever possible.

How Often Will Your Kid Wear It?

Kids can be very hard-headed when it comes to their costumes. Some will want to wear it all the time.

I have seen this with my nephew. You see, we bought him a Spiderman costume and he didn’t take it off till we were prepared for him to bawl his eyes out. He wore it for a full day and slept in it.

We drew the line and bit the bullet when he wanted to go to the bathroom the next morning in it. He was crying till we promised a batman costume two months later for his birthday.

That was a loud day and…err…dangerously close to being a stinky day.

Recommendation: Unless you buy a fancy dress that he or she doesn’t relate to, its highly recommended to buy something that can be worn over an extended period of time.

Do You Want Special Features?

Special Fancy Dress Mask
Special Fancy Dress Mask

Some of us are coddlers. Or, some of our kids are too stubborn. Depends on how you look at it.

These kids often want a fancy dress with all the bells and whistles. We’re talking accessories like guns and bracelets.

We’re talking shining LED lights. And, we’re talking everything from a hammer to a wand!

Be prepared if your kid is like this and look for a fancy dress package which includes accessories like hats, gloves, boots, guns, wands, bracelets etc.

Recommendation: Special features will always cost extra money but the joy in your kids’ eyes will more than make up for it. Still, you can’t break the bank for a fancy dress. It’s just a fancy dress after all.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Reviews, reviews, reviews. Reviews are the best thing to happen to the internet. You should never buy anything without looking at reviews. While I will always try to review various fancy dress costumes for you guys, there’s a limit to how many fancy dresses we can buy for our kids.

However, you can always find one or two reviews for every fancy dress on Amazon. Look at them! Because they will let you know what to expect and whether the purchase is worth it or not!

Recommendation: If a fancy dress doesn’t have any reviews. Look at its specifics and details. They should give you some more information. Also, consider contacting the seller with questions.

That’s the whole of this fancy dress buying guide folks. Feel free to drop us a line on how the fancy dress you purchased turned out for you!

We wish you happy buying!