Amul-Girl-fancy-dressThe Air India Maharaja and the Amul girl have to be the most distinctive Indian icons we have grown up with.

The Amul girl is used by Amul to make witty, socially-relevant comments about current issues. Her cuteness makes those comments palatable.

It also makes the Amul Girl fancy dress costume a firm favourite with mothers of little girls. To make the Amul Girl fancy dress costume at home is not a very difficult task.

The little girl wears a white frock with red polka dots and a narrow red belt around the waist. A single red bracelet on each wrist and a bow of the same fabric as the frock are her accessories. Her hair is short and her forehead is covered with a fringe.  The look is completed with white socks and white shoes with straps.

Since it is a very basic costume, all you need to get your little girl is a white polka-dotted frock and a bow of similar pattern as the frock. However, you could be a perfectionist and want to make your child’s Amul Girl fancy dress costume absolutely spot on. In that case, read on!

What You Need To Make An Amul Girl Fancy Dress Costume:

  • White cotton fabric with 1” red polka dots
  • Red satin ribbon for belt and bracelets
  • White ankle socks with two red strips at the cuff
  • White shoes with straps
  • A buttered slice of bread!

Step 1: The Frock

Amul-girl fancy dressThe frock for the Amul Girl fancy dress costume is a very basic sleeveless, collarless piece. It has a fitted bodice and a flared hem.

This is simple enough to make at home if you’re handy with a sewing machine. If you’re not, then any local tailor should be able to make it for you.

You can add the red ribbon as a belt over the dress once your child has the frock on, or you can have it stitched to the dress.

You can also use the leftover bits of the fabric to fashion a bow for the ponytail.

Step 2: The Bracelets

The bracelets of the Amul Girl fancy dress costume can be made by sticking the red satin ribbon on plain plastic bracelets or broad bangles.

The same effect can be achieved by tying just the ribbons on your little girl’s wrists. These can be stitched into rings, or stuck with glue for a smooth bracelet-like appearance.

Step 3: The Shoes

The footwear of the Amul Girl consists of white socks and shoes. The socks have two red stripes on the cuffs. However, if you cannot find similarly striped socks, it is pretty easy to create these with a red marker on plain white socks.

The shoes are basic white shoes with a strap and buckle. You can also use ones with velcro fastenings that give the same effect.

Once your little princess has put on all the components that go into making the Amul Girl fancy dress costume, you can make a ponytail and tie the bow on it. The look is completed when your little Amul Girl takes a big bite out of the buttered slice!

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