When your child comes and asks you for something, it can be impossible to say no. Fortunately, if your son or daughter has asked for an astronaut fancy dress, then you don’t have to say no. We’re here to make sure that you don’t. The thing with the astronaut fancy dress for kids is that there’s no fixed pattern or style that you have to follow.

In fact, you can innovate to your heart’s content and use any astronaut fancy dress for kids ideas that you might have too. However, if you’re stuck, here’s our astronaut costume DIY guide that should be of great help to you.

Things You Will Need For Astronaut Fancy Dress for Kids

  • White, full sleeved T-shirt,
  • White trousers,
  • Cardboard box,
  • White chart paper,
  • Silver foil,
  • Bucket or large paper bag,
  • Paint,
  • 2 empty, 2 liter soft drink bottles,
  • White gloves,
  • White boots,
  • White socks,
  • Permanent marker.

Step 1: The Astronaut Fancy Dress Clothes

astronaut fancy dressAstronauts usually wear white clothes. This means that you’ll need a white, full sleeved shirt and a pair of white pants to create astronaut fancy dress for kids. If you don’t have white clothes then you do have the option of choosing other colours like orange, red, and grey.

While these clothes can be used as they are, if you feel the need, you can draw black, blue, or silver lining on them. Next, you need to get a cardboard box that is bigger than your child’s torso but not too much.

In this cardboard box, you have to make holes for your child’s arms and head. This box will go on top of the full sleeved shirt that you picked out earlier.

Before that, you should either wrap the box with white chart paper or silver foil.

Step 2: The Helmet

astronaut fancy dress helmetThe helmet is where the real work on the homemade astronaut astronaut fancy dress for kids will begin. To make the helmet, you will need a small bucket.

The bucket should fit on your child’s head but not too tightly or too loosely. If you don’t want to work too hard, you can also get a large paper bag.

To prepare the helmet, you should begin by removing the handle. Once done, you need to cut out a rectangle from the side.

You can skip to this step, if you’ve chosen a paper bag for this task. This will form the hole from which your child will see.

Now, you can finish off by wrapping silver foil around the bucket’s sides and top. You can also wrap the bucket with a white chart paper and stick a flag of India on it. In the case of paper bag, you’ll have to find a way to make it white or silver. We recommend oil colours to make the astronaut fancy dress for kids look better.

Step 3: The Jet Pack

astronaut fancy dress jetpackYou would think that the jet pack of the astronaut fancy dress for kids would be hardest but you would be wrong. The jet pack is actually quite easy to make.

For this, you’ll need two 2-litre bottles of coke, Pepsi, or thumbs-up. Make sure both the bottles are of the same brand/size.

You have to wrap both these bottles with silver foil or white chart paper till they are fully covered. At the holes of the two bottles, you can paste paper frills in red, yellow, and orange colours to show flames. These bottles will be pasted onto the back side of the cardboard box that your child will be wearing.

Step 4: The Accessories

There aren’t many accessories you can provide to your astronaut child to make the astronaut fancy dress for kids look better. The first, of course, is the gloves which need to be white. Then, there are the boots which need to be white too. We recommend using the white school canvas shoes. On top of these shoes, your son will wear large white socks which will cover his boots till his calves.

You could try to draw little black sockets and plugs on the cardboard box with the wrapping on it for more effect. We also recommend handing your child a toy ray gun and telling him to walk like he is in space to really make the astronaut fancy dress for kids come alive.

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