Batman has always been a popular comic book character. However, since the release of the big three Batman films, his popularity has actually grown to outrageous proportions. For example, most kids want to become the Dark Knight for their upcoming fancy dress competition. You can make this dream a reality by following our guide for making Batman fancy dress costume for kids.

While you can always buy great Batman costume replicas online, we want you to have the option of making it at home. Here’s our guide on how to make a batman costume at home.

We’ve tried to cover both the modern Batman and the classic Batman. Remember, this costume can be customised to suit girls as well. Why should we deprive them of the chance to make the other boys jealous?

Things You Will Need For Batman Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

  • Black or grey skin tight full sleeves T-shirt,
  • Permanent marker,
  • PC + Printer,
  • Black or grey tights, or skirt,
  • Black underwear or briefs,
  • Old wide belt,
  • Yellow chart paper,
  • Black chart paper,
  • Cardboard,
  • Flip top boxes,
  • Dead batteries,
  • Gum,
  • Basic shoes without heels,
  • Black adult socks,
  • Black gloves,
  • Black bed sheet.

Step 1: Batman Fancy Dress Top

Batman Fancy DressThe classic Batman’s top was grey while the modern Batman is all black. So, in order to prepare the top of the Batman fancy dress costume for kids, you need to get a skin tight T-shirt.

If you can’t find a skin tight T-shirt you can make it skin-tight by pulling and pinning it at the back. If you’re going for classic Batman look, then go with a grey T-shirt but if you want the modern Batman running around in your house then pick black.

In the centre of this shirt, you’ll need the Batman symbol. You can simply print these out and paste them on the shirt. Classic Batman’s symbol is black bat on yellow background while the modern Batman symbol is simply a black bat.

If you’re really in the mood, you can draw some chest muscles and abs on the shirt with a permanent marker to make the shirt of the Batman fancy dress costume for kids even better.

Step 2: Batman Bottom

The classic Batman again has a grey bottom and the modern Batman has black bottom. If you’re going for the classic Batman, then you’ll need to get black underwear as well. This means that modern Batman fancy dress costume for kids is actually slightly easier to create.

You simply get black jeans or black leather pants and make your child wear that. In the case of classic Batman, you can make your child wear grey full tights with the underwear on top of them. If you’re trying to make a Batman costume for a girl, you can replace the bottoms mentioned above with a black skirt.

Step 3: Batman’s Belt

Batman Fancy Dress BeltThe accessories are where your Batman fancy dress costume for kids will begin to come together. The first is the Batman belt.

Both classic and modern Batman variants have a yellow belt. Modern Batman’s belt is light or dull yellow while the classic Batman’s belt is bright yellow.

The trick to making the belts is to get the Batman compartments right. In order to do this, you need an old belt, some flip top packets, dead batteries, and anything else with similar dimensions.

What you do is that you get your child’s old school belt, place these items at any order you want on top of it, and paste a chart paper (bright or dull colour depends on your choice of Batman fancy dress costume for kids) on top of them. The belt will then be worn over the tights or pants with the inserts looking like chunky compartments with interesting gadgets in them.

Step 4: Batman’s Shoes

Next accessory we’ll work on is the boots. Both classic and modern Batman variants wore black boots. You can have your child wear footwear that is simple and has minimal heels. In this regard, you can use white canvas school shoes or the generic Bata school shoes. Over these shoes, you’ll make your child wear black socks.

The socks will go over the shoes and reach up to your child’s calves or even higher, so pick a large pair. If the socks are too stretched and looking thin then you can put another layer on top of the first layer.

Step 5: Batman’s Gloves

Batman Fancy Dress GlovesThe gloves of both classic and modern Batman variants are black with spiky fins jutting out of them. Most children have black woollen gloves so those can be used for creating the gloves of the Batman fancy dress costume for kids.

If yours doesn’t then you can get it from him because it can be used later in normal circumstances as well. Batman’s gloves reached till his forearms.

For this, you can cut out rolls of black chart paper and paste it around your child’s arms from his wrist to his forearm. For fins, you can cut out cardboard in the right shape, paste black chart paper on it, and then paste the whole fin on the black chart paper on your child’s arm.

Step 6: Batman’s Cape

You don’t really need to do much here. It’s likely that you don’t own a black sheet which can be used in this Batman fancy dress costume for kids. If this is the case then you can simply have an old bed sheet cut and dyed black. This new black sheet becomes your little Batman’s cape. If you’re making this costume for a girl, then you should reduce the length of the cape.

Step 7: Batman’s Mask

Batman Fancy Dress MaskThis is possibly the most challenging part of making the Batman fancy dress costume for kids because there’s no way to avoid the arts and crafts side of it. However, the process is simple and the results brilliant, if you only give it a try.

You need a plain white paper plate for this task. Medium size should be good because it will fit on most children’s faces.

You’ll have to cut out the paper plate in the right shape to make the Batman mask. If you’re unsure of what shape, then just look at the template we’ve provided.

Once you have the mask ready, you can simply paint it black with a permanent marker. On the sides of the mask, punch holes and run a black ribbon through each of them. The result is a Batman mask that you can simply tie on the face.

And, before you know it, you’d have created a Batman fancy dress costume for kids that your son will remember for the rest of his life.

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