Ben 10 is the perennial favourite of Indian kids. They want to own everything that has Ben 10 on it. If it’s the Omnitrix, they want it. If it’s a schoolbag with the photo of Ben 10 on it, they want it. If it’s a poster of Ben 10, they want it. If it’s a pencil box with the alien fighting boy’s photo, they want it. And, if a fancy dress competition is coming up… (that’s it, you got it), they want a Ben 10 fancy dress costume.

So, what do you do when your child has made up his mind to wear Ben 10 fancy dress costume at the next costume competition? Nothing, you just have to get him dressed up as Ben 10 which means you need to know how to make a Ben 10 fancy dress costume at home. Fortunately, we’re here with our guide on how to make Ben 10 fancy dress at home.

Things You Will Need For Ben 10 Fancy Dress Costume

The Ben 10 fancy dress costume is simpler than you can imagine. In order to make it, you’ll need the following.

  • A plain white T-shirt or shirt with half sleeves
  • Thick black ribbon or sheets of black chart paper or black permanent marker.
  • Scissors
  • Gum

Step 1:  The Shirt

Ben 10 ShirtThe process is simple. The shirt of the Ben 10 fancy dress costume is solid white with black strips at the edges of the sleeves, the collar, and the centre of the shirt. This is what you have to arrange.

If you’re using thick black ribbon then you can fix it in the right places with a safety pin. While you can choose to staple the black ribbon, it’s advisable to use safety pin because there’s no danger of that harming your child.

If you’re using sheets of black chart paper, then you’ll have to use scissors to cut strips of the same and then fix it in place with the help of gum.

Finally, you can use the black permanent marker to draw the strips on the shirt. Keep in mind that pasting the chart paper or drawing with the marker on the shirt may leave it useless for all other purposes. But then again, since your boy will never want to take off his Ben 10 fancy dress costume, it all might work out.

Step 2: The Ben 10 Pants

Ben 10 PantsThe pants of the Ben 10 fancy dress costume are even simpler than the shirt. There are various ways you can approach this.

The first is to buy your son green cargo pants with pockets which can be used otherwise as well. The second is to buy him oversized or anti-fit green trousers or jeans.

Step 3: The Omnitrix

If your child likes Ben 10, then it would be very rare that he doesn’t already own an Omnitrix. However, Omnitrix is available all over India at virtually every toy store. The toy is also extremely cheap so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting it. Whatever you do, don’t try to pull off a Ben 10 fancy dress costume without an Omnitrix or you just might piss your little baby off for life!

Step 4: The Shoes

The shoes of the Ben 10 fancy dress costume may be a little tricky and probably the only area of the Ben 10 costume where you’ll have to compromise a little. We won’t tell you to buy fresh pair of sports shoes just for the costume. However, if your son already owns white sports shoes then he can wear those. Alternatively, you can also make him wear the white canvas shoes that he most probably has for school.

Step 5: The Hair

ben10-hairThe final touch to the Ben 10 fancy dress costume will be the hair. You can use hair gel or hair mousse to give your kid the Ben 10 hairstyle.

You’ll need to create three pointed bangs (fringes that fall on the forehead) and two points at the back of the head. This will be the most fun part of the Ben 10 fancy dress costume! Enjoy!

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