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Bheegi Billi is a character that appears on 3XM, a Hindi music channel. The phrase ‘bheegi billi’ in Hindi means a sorry figure, but our friend Bheegi Billi is a stylish chap.

However, in spite of all his efforts to be cool, he ends up messing things up. His antics make him popular with the kids and that is why every mummy should know how to make Bheegi Billi fancy dress at home.

Characters limited to India do not have the mass popularity that international characters have. This results in precious little information regarding them online, and definitely no ready-made costumes. That is why knowing how to make Bheegi Billi fancy dress at home will make you the popular parent.

Bheegi Billi is not a very difficult character to dress up as. He is a cool dude who wears everyday clothes. The most difficult part of his costume would be his face. However, we will get around to solving that problem once we start making the costume.

What You Will Need To Make Bheegi Billi Fancy Dress At Home:

  • Denim Cut-offs, knee-length, preferably with a roll-up
  • A bright shirt or t-shirt
  • White gloves
  • Bright shoes, ideally red or orange
  • Long white socks or stockings
  • A cut-out of the Bheegi Billi face
  • Accessories like sunglasses and guitar
  • Wire or broomstick twigs to make the whiskers
  • A white strip of cloth to make the tail, and a stiff wire to give it shape

Step 1: The Outfit

bheegi billi fancy dressThe dressing up required to make Bheegi Billi fancy dress is not very elaborate. It is clothes your little one would wear normally. Put on the denim cut-offs and the shirt or t-shirt on, along with white gloves.

The elbow length gloves that bikers wear would be ideal as they would cover the arms of your little one.

Before you put on the denims, put on the long white socks or stockings.

Bheegi Billi is shown as a white cat and having white limbs is a part of this. Once the clothes, stockings, and gloves are on, you can put on the shoes.

Step 2: The Mask

The face is an essential feature when you want to make the Bheegi Billi fancy dress at home. Take the printout of the face of Bheegi Billi, making sure it is slightly bigger than you kid’s face, and cut it along the outline.

Also cut out the eyes so your little one can see with the mask on! Use string or elastic to tie it on your kid’s head like a mask.

If you want, you can stick bits of wire on the mask to make the whiskers three dimensional. A white strip of cloth or rope tucked into the waistband of the denims at the back will make a tail. You can use wire to give it shape.

Step 3: The Accessories

sunglassesBheegi Billi is the quintessential cool cat, and this means dark glasses are an important part of the look. Fit these on carefully over the mask.

To make Bheegi Billi fancy dress at home with the complete look, you might also want to hand your kid a guitar.

It does not have to be a real one!

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