The wildness of cavemen will appeal to your child, the moment he comes across a cartoon or film with a caveman in it. Children like all the running around recklessly, screaming ceaselessly, and dirtying things hopelessly. However, there’s a way through which you can channel all this extraordinary energy that they never seem to run out of. How? Well, you make them a caveman fancy dress for kids!

Right now, it may seem like a daunting task but let us tell you that with our caveman costume DIY guide, you will have no problems making a caveman fancy dress for kids. Without further ado, here are our caveman costume ideas!

Things You Will Need For Caveman Fancy Dress for Kids

  • Old animal print / brown / green, oversize clothes,
  • Scissors,
  • Piece of string,
  • Chart paper,
  • Wooden club,
  • Gel.

Step 1: The Caveman Fancy Dress Clothing

caveman fancy dressCavemen didn’t have clothes. They could only wear the skins of the animals they killed. This is why you’ll always see caveman fancy dress for kids with leopard and tiger prints.

If you have such a dress then you can easily create a caveman fancy dress for kids. However, if you don’t have this print, as is more common, you’ll have to settle for something dark brown. Alternatively, you can choose to go with dark green too.

You can either pick a lady’s brown dress or brown T-shirt and brown pants. Beware, though. These items will be massacred in the making of a caveman costume for boys and girls so only pick those items that you’re ready to discard.

If you have a dress then all you need to do is cut it so that it reaches your child’s knees or above. Make sure that the cut is haphazard with lots of zigzagging. If you can make one end shorter than the other with these teeth, then it would be even better.

On the top side of the dress, you have to cut the dress diagonally so that only one shoulder remains of the dress. The dress will hang from your child’s left shoulder alone and his right shoulder will be naked. Similarly, the left arm also needs to be naked which means that you have to take out the sleeve of your dress, if there is any.

The top cuts don’t need to be turned into teeth but they do have to be frayed. So, if you can pick out some threads from the dress and let it hang, then that would work well for the dress.

When you put this half made caveman fancy dress for kids on your child make sure that you take some material from the same dress and tie it around his waist. The dress shouldn’t hang limp and should be tied well. If you want some contrast then you can choose to use a string to do this such as the nada (thread for holding the pyjamas up). Your caveman fancy dress is almost ready!

Step 2: The Caveman Fancy Dress Accessories

caveman fancy dress bone necklaceRight now, your caveman fancy dress for kids will look very basic and drab. What it actually needs is some accessories. Fortunately, accessories to go with a caveman costume aren’t that difficult. They mostly involve artwork of the paper kind.

The first thing you do is make a cut-out of a bone from a normal chart paper. Choose the kind of bone that you see cartoon dogs carrying all the time. You can use the image provided above.

caveman fancy dress bone earringsOnce you have this cut-out, you will cut it in the middle. One half will be pasted on your child’s left cheek running into the nose and the other half will be pasted on the right cheek.

The intention here is to make it look like he has bone piercings in his nose. Similar to this bone make about 20 more but 1/4th the original size. Cut them in half so that you have 40 half bones.

Take the same piece of thread that you used to tie your child’s dress at the waist and string it through all the 40 half bones.

You now have a necklace for your little caveman fancy dress for kids. The same technique can be used for making earrings. You also need to make your child’s hairs stand-up.

They can also be mussed up but hair standing straight up has more effect in the caveman fancy dress for kids. Combine this hairstyle with bushier eyebrows which can be made with the help of Kohl (kajal). Finally, you can hand your darling caveman a piece of stick to act as a club and he’s ready.

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