There’s something about Chulbul Robin Hood Pandey that makes him an ideal character for children to portray at a fancy dress competition. But, for that to happen, you’re going to need to make a Chulbul Pandey costume. That’s why you’re here and that’s why we exist. Here’s our guide on how to make Chulbul Pandey costume for your kid.

Things You Will Need For Chulbul Pandey Costume

  • Police costume or khakhi coloured pant and shirt,
  • A thick thread or nada found in pyjamas,
  • Black chart paper,
  • Cardboard,
  • Silver or golden pen,
  • Black sunglasses,
  • Kohl or Kajal,
  • Toy gun(s),
  • Black shoes.

The Chulbul Pandey Costume

Chulbul Pandey costumeHow difficult it is to make the Chulbul Pandey costume depends entirely on the path you choose.

The obvious method is to buy a police costume online and combine that with some carefully chosen embellishments to make the little Chulbul Pandey obvious.

The other, more difficult method is to make the police costume at home. This can be challenging simply because of the colour of the Indian police uniform.

Essentially, your biggest challenge will be to find khakhi coloured shirt and pants. Moreover, since you’ll be buying shirt and pant anyways, our recommendation would be to buy a policy costume itself.

You can buy the police costume offline as well. Most cities have areas where costumes are available. The best example of this is the Old Delhi and Patpadganj regions of the capital. If you, for some reason, want to make the police costume at home and have managed to get khakhi coloured shirt and pant, then here’s the process.

Dabangg chulbul pandey costumeThe Indian police uniform is typified by the thread which is woven around one shoulder. This thread is thick (think Indian nada in pyjamas), woven around the left shoulder, and pinned to the left breast pocket.

Now, you can’t get this thread perfect, unless you know a lot of sewing. Our recommendation is to get that Indian nada and have it dyed black or khakhi. To pin it to the left breast pocket, you can use a simple safety pin.

The other element that you need to make a Chulbul Pandey costume seem authentic is the name tag. Salman Khan wore this on his right breast pocket. Since you’ll have trouble finding an authentic name tag, we suggest using black chart paper on a rectangular cardboard cut-out.

Write Chulbul Pandey on the black chart paper with either a silver or golden pen, paste it on the cardboard, and then pin the whole thing above the right breast pocket. This will not only make the costume look more real but also make it obvious to people what your child is supposed to be.

Top this costume off with a brown leather belt and a simple pair of black Bata shoes that your child usually wears to school. Make sure that the socks are khakhi coloured or brown too.

The Chulbul Pandey Accessories

Delhi Police BadgeChulbul Pandey’s accessories weren’t all that elaborate. He had black goggles which he either wore or kept hung at the back of his collar.

If you feel mischievous, you can draw hearts on the lenses of the sunglasses. The other accessory you will need is a toy gun. One toy gun will do but if you have two, it will only make the look better.

The most crucial aspect here is to draw the moustache on your child’s face. Use a Kohl stick or Kajal to do this. The Chulbul Pandey moustache is fairly straightforward as it extends over the lip in two straight lines to each side.

It is also recommended that you take a print out of the police badge image we’ve provide and pin it to your child’s Chulbul Pandey costume. You can pin it anywhere but the best place is on the sleeves.

The Chulbul Pandey Dialogues

The Chulbul Pandey costume will not be complete unless your child is laid back and spouts off some great dialogues. Chulbul Pandey is known for his memorable dialogues and there are numerous to choose from. In fact, you can combine a few or even create a few. Here are our suggestions.

  • Kamaal karte ho Pandey jee
  • Mera naam mera personality ke upor bohut jajta hai…chulbul pandey
  • Hum yaahan ke robinhood hai, robinhood pandey
  • Thapad se dar nahi lagta sahab par pyaar se lagtaa hai

Try to get your kid to use them all together in a sequence for maximum effect. Make him watch the video we’ve provided and maybe try to get the same tone and style as the real Chulbul Pandey.

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