Kids play doctor – doctor all the time right? How many times have you seen your son or daughter hold something to your chest and act all doctor-like? In fact, if your kids do this, then it most probably makes you all proud and warm inside. We don’t know any parent who would be unhappy that their child wants to become a doctor. So, why not plant the idea in your child’s head by giving him a doctor fancy dress costume for kids.

Making the doctor fancy dress costume for kids is extremely easy. In fact, there isn’t a lot of difference between the doctor fancy dress for children and scientist fancy dress for kids. You’ll only need to make minor modifications to your chosen costume to change it from doctor to scientist and vice versa. Here’s our guide on how to make doctor / scientist fancy dress at home.

Things You Will Need For Doctor Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

  • White lab coat,
  • Any professional shirt and trousers,
  • Red chart paper,
  • Toy accessories.

Step 1: The Doctor Fancy Dress Coat

Doctor fancy dress lab coatDoctor fancy dress costume for kids DIY process is extremely simple. You won’t find any doctor costume ideas that don’t involve a lab coat.

Most would advise you to make the coat but we know how easy it is to get lab coats in India. Most schools require students to own lab coats so that they can work in labs.

These lab coats are either available at the local school uniform shop or the local tailor.

You don’t have to do much except get one lab coat for your child and paste a red cross on it. You can cut the Red Cross out of a chart paper, print it out, or even paint it with a sketch pen.

Step 2: The Dress

If you notice, most doctors don’t wear anything fancy inside their coats. They have a simple pair of trousers combined with a comfortable shirt. Very few even bother to wear a tie. You have to do the same for your child. Just dress him in his most comfortable pair of trousers and shirt.

Step 3: The Accessories

Doctor fancy dress stethoscopeWhile the lab coat is the mainstay of the doctor fancy dress costume for kids, it will be incomplete and very conspicuous without the right accessories.

This is also where you have the most options. With the use of right accessories, you can turn your child into any medical specialist or research scientist in the world.

For example, if you give your child a cut-out of a heart to hold then he becomes a ‘dil ka doctor’ or heart surgeon. If you give him a bone cut-out, then he becomes an orthopaedic. If you want her to be a paediatrician, give her a little baby doll to hold.

Doctor fancy dress DNAYou can hand him a test tube, a beaker, a DNA Helix, or a petri dish if you want him to a scientist. Try to give him a pair of thick spectacles and make his hairstyle nerdy for the complete the doctor fancy dress costume for kids.

Spectacles are easy to do too. You just need to knock out the lenses of some old spectacles and you have a readymade geek glasses.

There’s also a way through which you can make the costume funny. For this, you need to put some black marks on the lab coat to show that your little doctor has just faced an explosion.

With this, if you use gel and make his hair stand out like Einstein’s then you have a mad scientist on your hands! Congratulations, you just turned doctor fancy dress costume for kids into a scientist fancy dress costume for kids.

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