Mahatma Gandhi is revered in this nation and rightly so. After all, he is the man who got us our freedom. It is our responsibility to teach our children about the man who galvanised a whole nation to stand up on its feet and fight for its rights. There can be no costume better than the Gandhi fancy dress for your kid.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to get your son or daughter to sit still and listen to a boring discourse about a man long gone. Although, won’t things become easier if you dressed him up as Gandhi for the upcoming fancy dress competition?

Of course, it will. He will not only listen to what you have to tell him about the Father of the Nation but will also be happy to repeat the lines elsewhere once he’s wearing the Gandhi fancy dress. Education can be fun too which is why we’ve guide on how to make a Gandhi costume at home. You know, it’s not difficult to turn a young skinny boy into Gandhi. In fact, it’s very, very easy. Here’s our guide.

Things You Will Need For Gandhi Fancy Dress

  • White boxers or shorts,
  • Two plaint white bed sheets,
  • Plain slippers,
  • Round frame spectacles,
  • A wooden stick,
  • Beige stockings / white bandana / old football.

Step 1: The Gandhi Fancy Dress Clothes

gandhi fancy dressYou need three pieces of clothes to make a Gandhi fancy dress. These are two white single bed sheets and one pair of white shorts or boxers.

Make your child wear the boxers and leave his torso open. To make the white dhoti, you need to start by tying one of the white bed sheets around his waist.

Tie it in a manner where the sheet just touches his ankles. Once tied, you have to take the inside end of the sheet, pull it through his legs towards his buttocks and hook it at his waist. The same has to be done with the outer end of the bed sheet and voila you have your dhoti! Make sure that the dhoti is tight enough to not open by itself and loose enough for your child to be able to walk comfortably.

The second plain white single bed sheet will be used as a shawl around your son’s torso. He can drape it on himself whichever way he wants. If it’s going to be cold, then you have the option of giving him a drab grey shawl to wrap over the torso bed sheet. This way your child remains warm and the Gandhi fancy dress gets another accessory.

Step 2: The Accessories

Gandhi Basic GlassesThere are three accessories you will need for the Gandhi fancy dress. The first is spectacles or glasses. Try to get round frame spectacles as those are what Gandhi wore. If you can find round frame spectacles, you can use other types as well. However, you absolutely need to be sure that you won’t be using these spectacles.

You have to knock out the lenses inside these spectacles to make them usable for the fancy dress. You don’t want your son to be wearing spectacles with power lenses inside them. On the other hand, you can simply buy Gandhi spectacles online.

The second accessory you’ll need for the Gandhi fancy dress is a stick of wood. It should not be a walking stick. It just needs to be a basic wooden stick that your child will carry. The third and final accessory is plain slippers. Try to choose drab colours like brown, black, and grey for the slippers if you don’t want them to look out of place in the Gandhi fancy dress.

Step 3: The Head

The Mahatma Gandhi fancy dress will not come together unless you do something about your child’s hair. There are several ways through which you can go about getting that bald look.

The best method, though, is to take old skin coloured stockings and use them to create a bald cap. You can do this by taking the widest part of the stockings and stretching them over your child’s head. Cut off the rest which is sticking out and sew up the opening.

The second method is to simply make your child wear a white bandana with a very short tail. This is the simplest and the least effective method.

The third method is to take an old football or basketball and tear into it. Make sure that you measure your child’s head from his forehead to the back of his neck. Note the shape as well. If you cut the ball right, you’ll have a piece of rubber like material that you can paint beige to use as a skull cap for the Gandhi fancy dress.

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