greek fancy dressHistory isn’t something that children seem to enjoy but that is only because they haven’t seen it in the right light yet. History can be very interesting provided it is provided as a collection of stories to the children or as a mode of fun as Greek fancy dress costumes can be.

If you’re looking for Greek fancy dress costume ideas, then it’s likely that you understand that by making your child wear a Greek fancy dress can get him interested in the subject. As you may know, Greeks mainly wore white togas which they supplemented with a little colour.

This is why it isn’t that difficult to make an ancient Greek fancy dress costume at home, especially if you have a Greek fancy dress costume DIY to refer to. For your benefit, here’s our Greek fancy dress DIY guide.

Things You Will Need For Greek Fancy Dress Costume

  • Oversize plain white shirt or bed sheet,
  • Plain blue or white, shiny bed sheet,
  • Scissors,
  • Plain sandals / slippers,
  • Safety pin,
  • PC + printer.

Step 1: The Greek Fancy Dress Clothing

Greek fancy dress laurel wreathThere are two ways by which you can make a Greek fancy dress costume. The first is to use an oversized plaint white T-shirt and the other is to use a plain white bed sheet.

You will also need a coloured bed sheet. Make sure that the coloured piece of cloth is solid colour and has no print on it.

If you can find a shiny piece , then the Greek fancy dress will look even better. If you’re using a plain white T-shirt then you need to make sure that it is big enough to reach your child’s knee.

This T-shirt will become the tunic for your child’s Greek fancy dress costume. Now, take the coloured piece of cloth and cut off a strip from one end. This strip needs to be no more than two inches thick as it will be used as a type of belt on the plaint white T-shirt. This sash or belt should be tied in the back and not the front. In the front, the belt should be clean and smooth.

Step 2: The Greek Fancy Dress Accessories

Greek fancy dress buckleYou can use as many Greek fancy dress costume accessories as you want but three are the most crucial.

First, you need to give your child a plain sandal to wear on his feet. Along with it, you need to make a buckle that will fit on the belt and a Greek laurel wreath which will be placed on your child’s head.

Both these items are easy to make. What you need to do is print out both the provided images on A4 sized white papers.

Once you’ve taken the print out of the laurel wreath, you simply need to cut out the strip and run a string through it. This will be the crown of the Greek fancy dress costume. Similarly, the print out of the buckle can be pinned onto the belt with a safety pin.

Greek fancy dress braceletSimilarly, you must take a print out of the Greek buckle provided, cut it, and pin it onto the sash at the front of the Greek fancy dress.

This method can also be used for making a bracelet for your child to wear on his wrist. Simply print the provided picture, cut the right shape, and staple the ends together.

You now have a Greek bracelet to make your child’s Greek fancy dress costume look even more real!

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