There’s nothing cuter than a little god in your lap. Bala Krishna is one of the avatars of Lord Krishna. One of the best ways of worshipping Lord Krishna is to dress your child up as him. Whether you give your child a Krishna fancy dress costume for fun or for a fancy dress competition, you’ll find that being Lord Krishna suits your child. To help you achieve this, here is our guide for creating the Lord Krishna fancy dress costume at home.

Please note that while there are many Krishna fancy dress costume ideas that we could’ve used, we’ve picked out the simplest one.

Things You Will Need For Lord Krishna Fancy Dress Costume

  • Yellow / golden shiny fabric / bed sheet / ready-made dhoti
  • Edible blue colour,
  • Moisturising cream,
  • Kohl (Kajal),
  • Rouge,
  • Real / fake pearl necklace,
  • Peacock feather,
  • Bindis,
  • Old necklaces,
  • Cardboard,
  • Golden chart paper,
  • Scissors.

Step 1: Lord Krishna Fancy Dress Dhoti

Krishna Fancy Dress CostumeYou don’t need many clothes to make a Lord Krishna fancy dress costume for kids. In fact, you only need one item which is a yellow or golden fabric.

This could be a bed sheet or anything else that is big enough to be wrapped around your child’s waist. The better the quality of this fabric, the better the Lord Krishna fancy dress costume will be.

So, try to find high quality fabrics like silk with shiny borders if possible because they will make your Krishna fancy dress costume look better. If you don’t know how to tie a dhoti, then follow these steps.

  1. Tie the fabric around your child waist in a way that it falls to his ankles.
  2. Take the bottom end of the internal fold and pull it from between the legs to the lower back. Tuck it into the dhoti at the waist.
  3. Take the bottom end of the external fold and do the same to tuck it into the dhoti. There you have it – an instant dhoti.

This is a simple way of tying the dhoti. There is a much more elaborate method as well. If you want to learn how they dhoti over there at Brindavan, you can check out this video.

Step 2: Lord Krishna Skin

Lord Krishna fancy dressMany Lord Krishna renditions show his skin to be blue, while many others show normal skin colour. Because blue skin is so unique, Indians often automatically associate it with Lord Krishna.

So, even though you can leave your son’s skin as it is, it is recommended to make it blue for the Krishna fancy dress costume. For this, you’ll need blue food colour. This should be easy enough to find in a decently sized departmental store.

You have to take a little bit of this colour and rub it with some moisturiser in your hand. This moisturiser is to then be rubbed onto your child’s skin wherever it is visible.

Step 3: Lord Krishna Fancy Dress Makeup

The Lord Krishna fancy dress costume clothing is not very elaborate because most of the work involved is in the makeup. You need to begin by making your child’s eyes look bigger. This means using kohl on his eyebrows and eyelashes to make them look bigger. You can also apply a little blush on your child’s cheek.

The next task is to work on his hair. Get a pearl necklace, double it up, and fit it onto your child’s head. This necklace doesn’t have to be original and expensive. It can be imitation too. Once the necklace is in place on your child’s head, stick a peacock feather through it standing up.

You can finish off the whole Lord Krishna fancy dress costume with some jewellery. Mainly, you need some more necklaces which can be put singly or doubled on your child’s neck. You should also get some big bindis and put them on your child’s earlobes. What will really complete this fancy dress look is placing a “sudarshan chakra’ on the finger of your child. You can make this with cardboard.

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