Michael Jackson fancy dressMichael Jackson is still considered to be the King of Pop. There’s no other music star in the world who has the same kind of following as he did.

He was a big showman and a great entertainer. Considering all this, it’s no wonder that Michael Jackson costume ideas have been immortalised. It’s been six years since Michael Jackson passed away but people still ask us how to make Michael Jackson fancy dress.

So, we decided to create a whole guide on the subject. For this guide, we’ve chosen the iconic Black & White Michael Jackson outfit which he also ended up wearing for a number of his concerts. Here begins your child’s dreams of being a popstar.

Things You Will Need For Michael Jackson Fancy Dress

  • V-neck sleeved vest,
  • Full sleeved shirt,
  • Plain black trousers,
  • White socks,
  • Black shoes,
  • A kid who can bust MJ moves.

Step 1: The Michael Jackson Fancy Dress Top

When it comes to Michael Jackson fancy dress costume for kids, nothing is simpler or more recognisable than the outfit that he wore in his music video Black & White. The top half of this costume consists of a V-neck sleeved vest with a full sleeved shirt on top. The shirt is kept open from the front. Moreover, the white shirt should actually be one or two sizes bigger than what your child normally wears.

Step 2: The Bottom

The bottom half of the Michael Jackson fancy dress consists of a plain black pair of trousers with plain white socks and plain black shoes. The pants shouldn’t be so loose that they flap around but they shouldn’t be so tight that they stick to the skin. You should make sure that the shoes look pointy and thin. They should also have slight heels at the back, if possible.

Step 3: The Accessories

black fedora hat for michael jackson fancy dress costumeYou need two accessories to make the Michael Jackson fancy dress come alive. The first is a pair of silver or white gloves, although we should tell you that traditionally Michael Jackson wore only one glove.

The second accessory you should seriously consider getting is a black fedora hat. These are the kind of hats that Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor wore.

They aren’t that easy to get but we’ve researched and found that they are available online. While accessories will make your little Michael Jackson look more authentic, you can make it even more fun.

You can make your child’s hair curly and free flowing. Michael Jackson’s unique hairstyle means that this costume can also be used with girls. In fact, girls’ long hair will make the Michael Jackson fancy dress even more real.

For boys, you simply need to take a lock from the front of their heads, twirl it and curl it with some gel, and let it hang free in the front and outside the hat. You should note that if your boy or girl can do some of the Michael Jackson moves then they would rock this costume just as the great King of Pop did! Aaaaoouuuuu!!!

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