There are very few superheroes that little girls end up liking other than the Powerpuff Girls because little girls like ‘sugar, spice, and every nice’. The Powerpuff girls are exactly that – three cute little sisters fighting crime while still behaving like children. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if your little princesses want Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes.

Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes have the cuteness factor going for them by the truckloads. Each of the three sisters – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup look different but adorable. Their costumes are extremely easy to make too. Let us describe the whole process of making homemade Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes to you.

Things You Will Need For Powerpuff Girls Fancy Dress Costumes

  • Solid blue / red / green frock,
  • Black sash / black thick piece of cloth / black chart paper
  • Cardboard, appropriately coloured chart paper, scissors, glue, tape, and elastic string.

Step 1: The Frock

Powerpuff Girls Fancy Dress CostumeEach of the three Powerpuff Girls has a designated colour. Bubbles wears blue, Blossom wears red, and Buttercup wears green.

While the colours of their frocks are different, each of them has a black horizontal sash at their waist.

So, to create Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes for your daughters, you just need to buy them a solid blue / red / green frock. Take a thick piece of black ribbon or even black chart paper and wrap it around their waists. Combine it with basic black girly sandals and you’re, more or less, set.

Step 2: The Hair

The Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes also involve making unique hairstyles. You can create these easily as well. For instance, Bubbles simply has side ponies (you can ignore the blonde hair), Blossom has a bow on top of open flowing hair (ignore the red hair), and Buttercup has short black hair. The red bow can be created with a piece of red paper and clipped onto the hair.

Step 3: The Eyes

Powerpuff Girls EyesMaking the eyes is the most challenging part of the Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costume DIY process. The fact that it’s simpler than many other costumes shows how easy these costumes are.

The eyes of the Powerpuff girls match their tunic colours. While these may seem difficult, they really aren’t.

The first step to making the Powerpuff Girls’ eyes is getting the appropriately coloured chart paper, scissors, and a black permanent marker. For Bubbles get blue chart paper, for Blossom get red, and for Buttercup get green.

You need to cut out the shape of the eyes of Powerpuff Girls. Size isn’t that big a deal so long as these cut-outs cover the upper part of your daughters’ faces. Make holes in the centre of these cut-outs so that your daughters can see. Finally, look at the image of Powerpuff Girls and paint the relevant portion inside the cut-outs black.

Isn’t Powerpuff Girls fancy dress costumes one of the easiest to make for your daughters while keeping them pretty? We certainly think so!

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