Shrek is a loveable ogre even when he is cranky. Most children recognise him easily and often relate to his tendency to not take a bath and scare everyone around him. It’s these qualities of the character that make Shrek fancy dress costume for kids a wonderful choice.

If you’re looking for how to make a Shrek fancy dress costume for kids at home, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll show you how to recreate everything from the Shrek costume pattern to his face. Here’s our Shrek fancy dress costume for kids DIY designed to help you make the Shrek costume for kids without spending too much!

Step 1: The Shirt for Shrek Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

Shrek ShirtShrek wears a very coarse looking white top. There are two ways you can go about recreating this while making Shrek fancy dress costume for kids.

The first is that you use plain white, full sleeved linen or even normal fabric shirt and the other is that you use a plain white kurta.

You need to make sure that the top you choose is larger than what your kid normally wears. The bottom of the top should reach just above your child’s knee.

Step 2: The Tights

For the bottoms of the Shrek fancy dress costume for kids, you again have multiple options. Typically, Shrek wears dirty brown tights which you can find in the local kids store. Alternatively, you can also pair the white top with check pants or pyjamas. Any dark colour will do, so don’t fuss so much about the pants.

Step 3: The Jacket

The jacket can be a little difficult but it’s still doable if you’re willing to handle a pair of scissors. The best way to make the jacket of the Shrek fancy dress costume for kids is to get burlap from your local fabric store. If you have a jute sack lying at home, then you don’t even need to do this.

The Shrek fancy dress jacket is actually a vest. You need to take a short length piece, roll it into a rectangle, and cut out holes for the head and arms. In the front, just tied the two sides with shoelaces and you’re set.

Step 4: The Mask

Shrek MaskMost of you will get stuck on the mask aspect of the Shrek fancy dress costume for kids. You most probably don’t want to colour your son’s face bright green as colours are harmful and slightly difficult to take off.

Besides, your son won’t be comfortable with a painted face. So, the better option is to take a colour print out of Shrek’s face.

If you take a photo to the local Xerox shop, they can help you scale the photo right. A4 size should be fine.

Just take this image, paint the rest of the page light green and paste it on something mouldable like thick paper or even a piece of cloth. Make holes for eyes and nose and string the mask with a pair of rubber bands.

There you have it, a full-fledged Shrek fancy dress costume for kids without spending too much and with minimal fuss!