Batman may be famous but no one beats the popularity of Spiderman amongst young boys and girls. Why? Well, it’s probably because Spiderman tends to be a playful character while Batman is all serious all the time. This is possibly why the Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids is more popular too.

You’ve arrived here because your son wants to be Spiderman for the next fancy dress competition and you are looking for a good Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids without having to spend too much.

We have a problem right there. Because the Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids is so elaborate and detailed, it’s one of the most difficult to make at home. This is why we recommend buying the Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids over making it. In fact, we’ve researched the online stores and found that Spiderman fancy dress costumes for kids are available at a wide range of prices.

Still, because of our commitment to our readers, we have managed to find a way to create a Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids at home. Here’s our guide on how to make a Spiderman costume at home.

Things You Will Need For Spiderman Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

  • Bright blue and bright red, full sleeved T-shirts,
  • Scissors,
  • Gum,
  • PC + printer,
  • Blue tights,
  • Basic shoes with no heels,
  • Adult red socks,
  • Bright red gloves,
  • Cardboard,
  • Change colours to black if you want a Black Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids.

Step 1: Spiderman Fancy Dress Top

Spiderman Fancy Dress TopThe Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids is actually a combination of two separate types of clothing. The first step to making the Spiderman top is to get two full sleeved T-shirts.

One has to be bright blue while the other needs to be bright red. The trick is to leave the blue shirt whole and cut the red one in the pattern that is visible in the image.

This isn’t all that easy so you need to be very careful while doing it. Once done, you can either sew the two shirts together or simply paste the red one onto the blue one.

You also have the option to only buy a bright red full sleeved T-shirt and paint the blue portions on it. If you’re really in the mood for arts and crafts and want to continue painting then we challenge you to paint a black web on the red parts of the Spiderman costume. Perhaps, you could rope in your child to work with you and spend some quality time with him?

Step 2: Spiderman Bottom

Spiderman Fancy Dress SymbolFortunately, the Spiderman bottom is slightly easier than the top. Here, you need tights of the same colour as the blue part of the Spiderman top.

In terms of footwear, your son will wear basic white canvas or basic black Bata school shoes.

On top of these shoes, you’ll have your child wear an adult sized pair of red socks, preferably of the same colour as the red half of the Spiderman top.

Step 3: Spiderman Gloves

Spiderman gloves can also be made easily. However, you do need gloves of the same colour as the red half of the Spiderman top or it won’t look good. You need to wear these gloves, and push them under the sleeves of the Spiderman top. If you can, then it might be a good idea to sew the gloves with the shirt sleeve.

Step 4: Spiderman Mask & Symbol

Spiderman Basic MaskMaking a proper Spiderman mask that covers the whole of your head and keeps you comfortable is very, very difficult and fairly expensive too.

This is why we’ve chosen a basic cardboard type mask for your child. You begin by printing out the Spiderman mask on an A4 (or bigger) paper. Make sure the print is colour.

You paste this print on a sturdier material like thicker paper or even cardboard.

Finally, you punch holes in the mask and tie red ribbons on it so that it can be tied behind the head. If you want your son to have a more authentic experience of being a Spiderman, then we recommend that you purchase a Spiderman mask online.

There are many different types of Spiderman masks available online. We’ve studied each of the masks available online for completing Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids and picked out the best ones for you.

Making Black Spiderman Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

Black Spiderman Fancy Dress CostumeMaking Black Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids will actually be easier for you because there will be no need to cut T-shirts up. However, you may have to spend about the same amount of time on it.

The Black Spiderman costume is all black with webs drawn on it in silver. You can buy a tight black, full sleeved T-shirt and black tights.

This will be the basis of your Black Spiderman fancy dress costume for kids. The process for making the gloves and boots remain the same too except everything required has to be black!

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