Baby scared of Fancy Dress Competition
Don’t let this happen to your child…

No parent would want their child to be like this!

Yet, we do make mistakes.

Why do we make mistakes?

The reason is simple.

By the time we become parents, most of us have forgotten what it’s like to be a child.

Between our teenage concerns and adult worries, we’ve forgotten how even small things like fancy dress competitions can seem incredibly daunting to a child.

For example:

Can you remember what it was like to go to school for the first time?

How you felt when your parents were late to pick you up from school?

Do you recall what it was like to stand on the stage for your first fancy dress competition?

It’s not likely that you do.

We do, which is why we’re here to help you. Here’s how you can prepare your child for a fancy dress competition so that he or she isn’t scared when the big moment comes.

Learn the Rules of the Fancy Dress Competition


The first thing you must do is to understand the rules of the competition.

This comes even before you start preparing your child for the fancy dress competition

After all, you don’t want your darling to go through the heartbreak of being excited about the fancy dress competition only to be told that it’s not happening.

If this happens, it’s all going to be on you…

Every tear of your child will hurt you…

Do you want to prevent this?

Here are some things you might want to consider.

Reporting Time:

Rushing = Nervous Baby
Rushing = Nervous Baby

You don’t want to be late at the fancy dress competition venue.

Your child will most probably be a little nervous anyway without you adding to it by making him rush.

Make sure that your last interaction with your child is relaxed and calm.

Portray your utmost confidence and pride in him or her.

If you’re taking your child to the fancy dress competition, then make sure that you have 30 minutes to one hour to spare.

This means that if you have to reach at 9:00 AM, then you should plan to reach between 8:00 and 8:30 AM. This will keep your kid relaxed.

Even if the fancy dress competition is a part of a normal school day, you need to keep things relaxed.

For instance, if school starts at 8:00 AM and the fancy dress competition is at 12:00 PM, your calm behaviour can have a huge effect on your child’s performance.

Fancy Dress Themes:

Batman toddler
Shouldn’t be the odd one out…

Imagine if every child at the fancy dress competition is dressed as a fruit while you made your child Batman.

Oh! The poor baby!

He will not only feel out of place but may also be disqualified by the teachers if the event is especially formal.

For a young kid, this can be a scar that he carries for the rest of his or her life.

In fact, this may even cause the child to lose self-confidence.

He may even lose his or her confidence in you as a parent and you definitely don’t want that!

This is why you must make sure that you find out which fancy dress themes are acceptable and which are not.

Do it for your child!

All it takes is a little call to his teacher or a note in his diary.

Stage Rules:

Pressure at the fancy dress competition
Lots of pressure…

Standing on the stage and delivering a few lines or even a few actions can help build a child’s confidence.

Since personality development is a major part of modern education fancy dress competitions almost always include introduction, speech, or dialogues.

Fancy dress competitions, these days, require the kids to say a few fancy dress lines.

For instance, a fancy dress competition may require a kid to stand on the stage for two to three minutes and recite fancy dress dialogues or a fancy dress introduction.

Find out what these rules are for your child’s fancy dress competition and then categorically prepare him or her for it.

Get the Right Fancy Dress for Kids

When it comes to fancy dress for kids, there are many fancy dress ideas you can go for.

Still, all of them may not be right for your child.

You need to find a fancy dress that your child will relate to.

If you can’t, then you may have trouble getting your child interested in the whole exercise in the first place.


No one knows your children better than you.

You must know whether they like to be superheroes, flowers, vegetables, fruits, or even cartoons.

Keep in mind that you’ll not only have to keep your child’s preferences in mind but also take into account the fancy dress themes chosen by the fancy dress competition organisers.

Make the Kids Dress Comfortable

Comfort means happiness...
Comfort means happiness…

Picking a fancy dress that your child relates too is all great but it won’t work if your child isn’t comfortable in it.

Cheap fancy dresses available online often tend to be extremely uncomfortable and poor quality.

They can fit badly or even be constructed out of poor quality fabric that itches.

This can happen even if you make the fancy dress costume at home, especially if you aren’t careful about the fit. Neither of these situations is going to help your child.

Children need to be comfortable to deal with their challenges and, make no mistake, standing on stage and delivering a few fancy dress dialogues is a challenge.

So, make sure that your kid’s dress is as comfortable as possible.

Have Your Child Practice His Lines on Camera

Stage fright is a problem for many of us even at this age.

Many professional actors and sports stars have admitted to feeling nervous before every scene or game. For a child, delivering a few fancy dress lines in front of a packed auditorium is equivalent to an actor delivering a performance at the Oscars.

It may seem simple to you to say a few lines on stage but most kids will have trouble with it.

How can you make this task easier for your child?

The answer is simple.

Make him say it on camera a few times without his costume and then a few times with his costume on.

Camera is often as big a monster as thousands of people when it comes to stage fright.

If you can get your kid to be cool about the camera, then he or she may find it easier on stage too.

You can even upload the recordings with the fancy dress on YouTube.

In fact, we have a proposition for you right here.

Send us the links to your child reciting his fancy dress dialogues in full fancy dress attire. We promise you we’ll put the video up on our website. We’ll even put your child and your names under the video if you wish!

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