personality fancy dress ideasEvery country has people in its history that it reveres. Some even have personalities whose fame transcends boundaries. The history of India as a country and as a civilization means that there are many personalities that we look up to and respect. It also means that there are many person fancy dress ideas to choose from.

Dressing your child up on the basis of these person fancy dress ideas will allow him to appreciate the history of his own people. For this reason, we’ve picked out some special personalities from our own history who’ve had an impact on our fate. Each of these person fancy dress ideas is educational for your child, so pick freely.

Mahatma Gandhi

gandhi fancy dress costume for kidsIn the history of India, it’s likely that there was any personality more important or more influential than Mahatma Gandhi. This is, thus, one of the best person fancy dress ideas you can pick for your child.

Such was the force of his personality that the whole country, regardless of religion respected him. Even the British gave him respect. Isn’t this one of the many person fancy dress ideas that you can pick for your child.

Gandhi taught non-violence and tolerance which is something that every kid should learn in his younger years.

What better way for your child to learn these qualities than by wearing a Gandhi fancy dress costume and becoming the great man for a few hours?

Here’s our guide on how to build a Gandhi fancy dress costume with bald cap at home.

Nelson Mandela

nelson mandelaNelson Mandela is to South Africa what Mahatma Gandhi is to us Indians but, like Gandhi, he is respected the world over and so is Mandela. This makes Mandela one of the better person fancy dress ideas for your child.

He is a recognisable global personality who symbolises tolerance and equality.So, making your child Mandela at the next competition is both educational and meaningful.

Because the Mandela costume is all about detailing, it’s not really available in the market as a kit. Making the Mandela costume isn’t difficult in essence because he used to wear shirts with very unique prints.

If you can find a shirt with out of the box print then you can make your child look like Mandela. You can combine the shirt with a suit and tie but the real clincher will be making your child’s hair white and giving him a flag of South Africa. We’ve described how to make Mandela costume at home here.

Chacha Nehru

Nehru fancy dress costume for kidsJawahar Lal Nehru is another one of the many great person fancy dress ideas we’ve drawn from the Indian political history. Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India and a crucial component of India’s struggle for freedom.

He was particularly known to be a friend of children, which was why he was called Chacha Nehru.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s personality and importance to the history of the country makes the Nehru fancy dress an ideal choice for your son.

Chacha Nehru costume is simple enough to build at home if your child has a safari suit. This safari suit can be combined with a well-placed rose and a Netaji cap to complete the look.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa fancy dress costume for kidsMother Teresa is known the world over as a woman who could never stop giving to those who were in most need. She’s the perfect person for your daughter to aspire to be and the perfect of the few person fancy dress ideas for girls out there.

The Mother Teresa fancy dress costume is also fairly easy to create at home.All you need is a white sari with blue border and a white full sleeved blouse.

If you can’t find a sari with an existing blue border, you can draw it yourself. Put these on your daughter along with a cross on her shoulder and the ‘pallu’ of the sari on her head and you have completed your Mother Teresa fancy dress.

If you really want to hammer the point home give her a doll whose dress has been partly torn off. There’s no Mother Teresa costume available to buy.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson fancy dress costume for kidsPolitics based person fancy dress ideas are good, but nothing can beat something out of pop culture. When it came to showmanship, there was no one better than Michael Jackson. The pop star was loved and adored the world over for his music and dancing, regardless of how he was in his personal life. So, we chose to include Michael Jackson fancy dress costume in our list of person fancy dress ideas.

By the virtue of his popularity, Michael Jackson fancy dress costume is a good choice for your son or even daughter.This is especially true if your child likes to dance and can put on a show for viewers.

Michael Jackson pulled off many different types of looks over the years.He’s known for his Thriller, Bad, Black & White, and even Dangerous looks but the easiest of these is the Black & White look.

It is this Michael Jackson fancy dress costume that we’ve created a guide for.

Here’s our guide on how to build a Michael Jackson fancy dress costume at home.


pope fancy dress costume for kidsThe Pope is the leader of all Catholics in the world. He’s a very recognisable personality primarily because of his unique costume. Dressing your child up as the Pope will be something different from all other person fancy dress ideas because it isn’t very common in Indian fancy dress competitions.

Moreover, it’s also easy to do this even though you can’t buy the Pope fancy dress costume in India. The trick is to get white overalls or robe for your child. Pair this with a large, heavy, and white piece of white cloth that can be put on his shoulder with a cross hanging down his neck.

If you really want to spice things up, you can make the Pope’s head gear at home. We have created a whole pope fancy dress costume DIY guide, if you’re interested.

Here are the full instructions on how to make the Pope fancy dress costume at home.

Person Fancy Dress Ideas Can Help Your Child Learn

Person fancy dress ideas add a sense of reality to your child’s perspective of the world. If the personalities chosen are influential, then person fancy dress ideas can even inspire your child to great things in life.

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